16 types of Facebook users

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Do you know about these 16 types of Facebook users?

Thanks to the social networking site Facebook, we keep abreast of the latest news from our friends and family, and it is the most popular place in the world where we can make friends from anywhere around the world.

But did you know that using Facebook is like an addiction and the people who use this site often have 16 types of personal qualities that you encounter over and over again.

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Take a look at your friend’s list and you will be amazed at the personal qualities listed here.

Quiet people

This is the type of Facebook users who do not comment on any kind of post or your post but read everything and if they happen to meet you, they do not hesitate to refer to Facebook statuses.

Accustomed to repeating the same sentence

Such people never say anything other than certain words and often find it overwhelming to say more than one word like LOL or hello etc.

Popular Mr. and Miss

Thousands of friends are part of his Facebook profile and he himself does not know why these people are included in his list.


People who spend all day with their friends playing Mafia Wars, Virtual Cake, and other similar games who don’t see any other benefit from this website.


Every post of such people must refer to Allah or the Holy Prophets.


These are people who steal other users’ statuses, photos, or other content and don’t even burp.

Dry or irritable

They hate their lives and everything, and their status updates make that clear.


Never post but don’t forget to join every group and every user who links to a page becomes a fan of it.


Such people always send invitations to various events that you get used to sadly deleting or ignoring.

Clicking like button every time

These people also don’t like to say anything on Facebook, but clicking the like button on every post all the time is their favorite hobby.


Each of their posts is about someone they hate and they always try to ruin people’s lives.

Those who don’t care about spelling or grammar

Such people benefit greatly from the spell check feature while you wonder how this person is typing so fast and so accurately.

Drama Queen or King

This is what is mentioned in the posts of such people all the time. I don’t believe it or people wanted to take pictures of me today. Then they expect you to ask what happened or what went wrong. But they never end their story.

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Trying to be a Joker

Such people constantly try to express humor but never succeed.

Spread the word about your engagements

They always let you know what they are doing and what they are going to do, whether the other person wants to know or not.

Chicken nature

These people feel that it is their duty to say good morning on Facebook, whether the others respond or not.

That’s all about the 16 types of Facebook users.