8 Best Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

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With over 1.3 billion users, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular chatting apps. It is a convenient platform for messaging, calls, and video chat that most people do not find difficult to use.

In addition, the new features make it possible to chat in groups and communicate with other services without leaving Messenger.

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Here are some tips and tricks from Facebook Messenger that will help you save time and many more.

Check your ‘secret’ inbox

Facebook removed the other folder and introduced a folder called Message Request. It claimed to make it possible to contact anyone around the world under their name. But Messenger also has a third secret folder that stores your message and most people are not even aware of it.

The name of this folder is Filtered Message Requests and here goes the messages that Facebook thinks are spam, even if they are important. However, it is very easy to find, open the Facebook Messenger app, and then click on the Settings tab. Click on People and then Message Requests and Filtered Requests.

There you will find messages that Facebook thinks you don’t want to see, but they may also contain important messages from your friends or relatives that you don’t have in your friend list.

Play hidden games

The Facebook chat app also hides some common games, such as a basketball game, in which you have to put the basketball in the hoop and if you can’t put it, the score is zero. Now if you want to find this game, find out how.

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Now send a basketball emoji to a friend or yourself and when it is gone click on that emoji after which the game will open. Basketball is not the first secret game of Facebook Messenger. Even before this, a chess game came up which can be played by sending it to @fbchess play chat.

Make a group phone call

In Facebook Messenger, users can talk to up to 50 friends in a single group call. Just click on the phone icon during a group chat, once you do that Facebook will provide users with a secondary screen. So that the people you need to talk to can be contacted.

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Rename group

Renaming a group chat can be very helpful, especially if you are hosting an event or interacting with people on a project. For group renames on iPhone, touch the image at the top of the chat window, while in Android, click on the ‘i’ icon at the top of the screen, and then touch the part where people’s names appear. The text box in front will open.

Share Dropbox files

You can insert any type of file in Messenger directly from the Dropbox account into the chat window. All you have to do is hit the ‘more’ button in the chat window where the Dropbox option will be available. And you will be able to view your files and dictionaries. Photos and videos will appear in the chat, while other files will act as a link to the Dropbox app, which can be previewed by another person.

Mute a specific chat

If you do not want to see the notifications of a chat. You can mute them by going to the notification settings. Click on the name of this person or group on any chat on the iPhone while clicking on the ‘i’ at the top of the screen in Android. Then select the notification option in the menu. Where you can mute a chat for an indefinite period of fifteen minutes.

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Facebook’s policy is for all members to use their real names, but in Messenger it allows users to put their friend’s nickname in a chat. Android users open a message thread and click on the ‘i’ icon while on the iPhone press the name of the person at the top of the screen, then select the Nicknames option and enter a name there. This method works in both individual and group chats. They only appear on certain windows.

When was your message read?

Facebook Messenger gives you the opportunity to know when you sent a message, when it was delivered and when it was read. Just look at the little circle next to the message. If you see a person’s profile photo on it, it means that it has been read. A blue circle with a white checkmark in the delivery mark.

That’s all about Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks – stay tuned for more tips and tricks.