Strong Reasons to Get a Medical Insurance in Dubai

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Strong Reasons to Get a Medical Insurance in Dubai

Whether you are a businessperson, self-employed or a regular employee, if you have a residence in Dubai, it is essential for you to get a medical insurance policy available there. In this blog post, you will come to know various strong reasons, which justify getting medical insurance in Dubai.

Mandated as Per Law

According to the Dubai government, every employer has to follow a strict sponsored health insurance policy or system launched during January 2014. According to this law, employers have to follow a contractual obligation to provide coverage to their employees, which sometimes may extend to other dependents.

However, if employers fail to cover the dependents, individual employees have to fulfill the responsibility to get coverage for their family members, spouse and domestic help within the sponsorship. The main objective of medical insurance in Dubai is to provide top-quality healthcare solutions to people staying in Dubai and protect their specific rights.

Scope of Medical Insurance Coverage

A prime reason behind availing medical insurance plans is that such plans cover both out-patient and in-patient medical treatments, encounters, tests, surgical procedures, medications, maternity services, and drugs to the maximum amount of approximately AED 150,000.

Co-insurance and Deductibles to Pay

Co-insurance refers to the amount payable by an insured person for each of the consultation, prescription, test, treatment, medication and other related medical services he or she avail. On the other side, deductibles refer to the insured amount, which you have to pay before the beginning of your medical insurance plan to make payment for your care.

After you make payment of the deductibles, the insurance company will start paying for your availed facilities. Later on, you only have to take the responsibility to pay for the coinsurance percentage present in your insurance plan.

According to various types of medical insurance plans in Dubai, a policyholder will get 20percent of coinsurance payable by the insured to up to AED 500 per encounter and an annual limit equal to AED 1,000. This is applicable in the case of in-patient services.

On the other side, if we talk about out-patient services, there will be 20percent of payable co-insurance for lab facilities, OP consultations and radiology combined with a free follow up that too with the same doctor for the same type of ailment to maximum days. Also, out-patient service involves a co-insurance payable of 30percent for medicines with an annual limit to a maximum AED 1,500.

Clinics and Hospitals Included in the Policy

Under any good medical insurance policy available in Dubai, you may avail a pool of benefits present in a range of networked clinics, hospitals and other medical centres present in different areas of the UAE. However, if you want to get a complete list containing the included health centres to check a specific policy detail.

Inclusion of Additional Benefits

An interesting aspect associated with any of the medical insurance plans available in various areas of Dubai is that it gives you two additional benefits, even though there are a few of the terms and conditions present. Accordingly-

Chronic and Pre-existing Health Conditions

Policyholders succeed to complete 6months tenure of their chosen health insurance plan may get the chance to avail of pre-existing and chronic health conditions.

Maternity Services Coverage

If you choose for maternity services, you will get both out-patient and in-patient maternity services with the mentioned medical insurance plans. In the case of in-patient services, you will get coverage for normal birth delivery to maximum AED 7,000. On the other side, you will get maximum AED 10,000 in case of pregnancy complications, medically necessary C-section and medical necessary termination of one’s pregnancy. Along with this, in the case of out-patient services, you will get 8 consultations with the obstetrician and/or gynaecologists combined with antenatal services.