London, the nurse and the doctor got married in the hospital

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The marriage, scheduled for August this year, was canceled due to the epidemic coronavirus and the doctor and nurse got married in the hospital.

While marriages and other celebrations around the world have been canceled due to the global coronavirus, few people are busy collecting important memories of their lives and commemorating those days without taking the epidemic into account.
In this connection, an interesting incident of marriage of a doctor and a nurse took place at London Street Thomas Hospital in London where they were given special permission for the marriage.

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According to BBC News, 34-year-old nurse Jane Tipping and 30-year-old Dr. Analan Navaratnam got married in London, where their guests and witnesses attended the wedding live via live stream.

According to the married couple, they had planned their wedding when everyone was healthy and the situation was better.
Tipping and Alan planned to get married in August, but had to cancel their wedding because their families could not come safely from Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka due to pandemic.

“We wanted everyone to celebrate our wedding, even if our loved ones had to see us on screen,” said Tipping, who works as a nurse at a London hospital. “I am very happy that we are both in this relationship,” said Dr. Analan, 30. The newlyweds held a regular online ceremony for relatives, in which they also danced.

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“It’s great to be a part of this wedding,” said Mullah Hilburn, the woman who arranged the ceremony at the hospital.