Health Effects of Sugary Drinks

A new study on the use of sweetened beverages has found that the consumption of sweetened beverages on a daily basis increases the risk of heart disease, especially for women.

Nutritionists consider sweet drinks to be a health hazard. The use of these colorful drinks in Ramadan is increased and Iftar is considered incomplete without them. They quench thirst in hot and dry weather.

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At the same time, it feels good to use them, food is also digested quickly. But due to unfamiliarity with the hundreds of calories contained in them, their use can have bad consequences in the long run.

Nutritionists say that the use of sugar in the form of beverages is more harmful.

Harmful health effects of sugary drinks

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association looked at the eating habits of 160,000 women over the past 20 years and found that women who consumed sugary drinks daily Of these, 2% have an increased risk of heart disease, while women who consume soda, carbonated water once or twice a week do not.

Soda, carbonated water, home-made beverages are just calories being consumed, these drinks have no health benefits.

Nutritionists say that no other food causes as much harm or obesity as these sugary drinks, which are harmful to human health.

Other side effects of regular consumption of sugary drinks in addition to heart disease are:

Rapid weight gain

Consumption of sweet drinks is more harmful than sweet foods. Their consumption leads to rapid weight gain, digestive system, and mental functioning is also affected.


Some sweet drink companies claim that their drinks are sugar-free or zero-calorie drinks, remember this is just a hoax, their use can lead to rapid deterioration of overall health and silent diabetes. The risk of such a disease increased.

The formation of stubborn fat on the abdomen

Nutritionists and fitness experts believe that it is very difficult to get rid of excess fat on the abdomen. Excess fat around the abdomen causes diabetes 2.

Addiction to sweet drinks

Sweet drinks have harmful and profound effects on the mind, as a result of which the brain becomes accustomed to them and from time to time they begin to feel the need for them, which is why it is very difficult to get cola and soda drinks out of your diet.

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Deterioration of dental health

Soda drinks contain phosphoric and carbonic acids which weaken the teeth and make them look ugly. Harmful bacteria accumulate around the teeth due to the presence of an acid, which causes cavities and tooth decay. It seems and the breath becomes foul-smelling.

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