Some health risks associated with obesity

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Everyone knows that body weight gain or obesity is not good for health. It is very difficult to measure how devastating this excess fat can be for overall health. In fact, medical experts consider it too dangerous for health, which increases the risk of many life-threatening diseases. Yes, obesity can cause a number of diseases. Some of which are obvious while some appear on a long-term basis. In this article, we will tell you that increasing your body weight can make you a victim of dangerous diseases.

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1: Heart Disease

Fat in the blood is called cholesterol, which is made naturally by the lover. It means that everyone has the cholesterol that each cell consumes so that we can stay healthy. Some part of the cholesterol comes from the diet we eat. Various medical research reports have shown that obesity increases blood cholesterol and blood pressure. As a result, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In simple terms, body weight has a significant impact on health on a long term basis.

Heart Disease
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2: Joint Disorders

Excess amount of fat in the body is responsible for joint disorders. According to physicians increasing body weight increases the burden on the knees, elbows, and ankles, resulting in painful disease.

Joint Disorders
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3: Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that transmits glucose to the bloodstream. It sometimes works and sometimes not in obsessive people. As a result, glucose starts accumulation in the blood. Which over time leads to various medical problems especially diabetes leads to type ii.

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4: Bladder cancer

Excessive body fat also causes the bladder to expand, causing cancer cells to be at risk of developing it and is a common and fatal cancer in men.

Bladder Cancer
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5: Endocrine problems

Endocrine glands make many active hormones a part of the blood, but excess body fat stops the process of becoming endocrine hormones. And as a result, it increases the possibility of imbalances in hormone levels in the body.

Endocrine Problems is also associated with obesity health risk
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6: Accelerate the journey towards old age

Excess fat in the body increases the unnecessary burden on the organs and joints and they have to work harder to endure it, the stress and pressure lead to the accelerated journey to old age and the affected person look old in middle age.

Accelerate the journey towards old age is also health risk of obesity
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7: Migraine

Half headache or migraine and similar symptoms are actually the results of nerve edema. According to clinicians, when the fat levels in the body start to rise, the resultant oxygen flow to the head affects the blood flow, which causes the disorder.

Migraine of half headache
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8: Poor memory

This extra body fat raises cholesterol levels, a factor that slows down the degeneration of the brain cells, which not only affects memory but also increases the risk of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Poor Memory
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9: Constipation

Increased body weight also implies a person’s use of a poor diet, some amount of fat is good and necessary for health so that the body functions properly, but eating too much fat can result in intestines. It becomes impossible to process, often resulting in constipation.

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10: Complications during Pregnancy

Pregnant women who suffer from obesity are at higher risk of operation for high blood pressure, blood clotting, and childbirth.

Complications during pregnancy
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11: Kidney Stones

Sitting all day, lifespan, obesity, overweight, large waist size and weight gain increase your risk of kidney stones.

Kidney stones or kidney failure is also a health risk of obesity
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