Fat People are Becoming a Threat to the Earth

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Fat people are becoming a threat to the earth


People who suffer from obesity, as well as those who cause harm to people who are lean, agile, and energetic.


One study reveals that fat people worldwide produce 70 million tonnes of carbon dioxide gas annually, compared to those around the world. Researchers at The Obesity Society, and obesity research firm, said in their research that obesity accounts for 1.6% of the world’s greenhouse gas production.


Researchers say there are a variety of factors, such as excessive food intake and the use of extra fuel in vehicles that move them from one place to another because of obesity’s metabolism.

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The Obesity Society says it has concluded its findings using greenhouse gases emissions, demographic data and obesity data for research. Researchers believe that heavier-than-average humans cause 20% more greenhouse gases than those with moderate weight.


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Phaidon Mag Kos, the author of the study, says the increase in the average human body size may affect efforts to reduce man-made breathing cabin dioxide gas in the world. He added that the research is more important for people working to relieve obesity.