5 Exercises to Get Rid of Stomach Fat

5 Exercises to Get Rid of Stomach Fat


Obesity and enlarged stomach also affect well-being, while relieving stomach fat is a very laborious process, it is said that the thinner your waist, the longer your life will be Science also believes.

According to fitness trainers, your body’s health is directly related to your gut, what you eat affects your health, not just good diet is needed to stay fit, Exercise is a great deal to do, not just hunger can help you lose weight or your belly fat, doing so will only make you weaker and healthier.

Exercise is essential if you want to stay lean, especially abdominal fat because abdominal muscles are so flexible they can be kept in a balanced shape through exercise. According to fitness experts, the following are 5 best exercise to get rid of stomach fat.


5 Best Exercises to get rid of stomach fat

1: Plank

Plank is the name of an exercise that you can add to your routine and it has a very positive and positive effect on you. Helps the body adapt to a fit, the plank is suitable for back pain.


Plank the best exercise to get rid of stomach fat

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2: Side Plank

Plank is a workout done in many ways, and its benefits are numerous in every way. Side plank itself is raised in the style of pushups above the ground with the help of your hands and feet. In this form, the excess weight comes on the abdomen, waist, legs, which makes the muscles stiff and strong, and helps melt the fat.

Side Plank the best excercise to get rid of stomach fatSide Plan is the best excercise to get rid of stomach fat


3: Sit Ups

Sit ups involve straightening up and lying back without having to lie upright, this exercise stimulates the waist, abdominal muscles, which helps melt excess fat on the waist and abdomen. Is useful, it should be increased to 20 sit ups daily.

Sit ups the best exercise to get rid of stomach fat

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4: Russian twist

The Russian twist is also known to be especially useful for lowering abdominal fat and thinning the waist, sit on the floor for exercise and lift the ‘dumbbell’ weight or hair in your hand, now putting all your weight on the hips and even your feet. Lift the hair up and place the hair from one side to the other, doing regular Russian twists can reduce your waistline. Repeat this exercise 20 times at a time, then gradually make it 15 to 20 sets on a daily basis, 5 to 6 times.

Russian Twist is the best excercise to get rid of stomach fat

5: Crunches

The exercise that eliminates belly fat days is also recommended by Crunch’s Fitness Experts; this exercise has a direct effect on the shoulders and abdomen, including the waist, and also eliminates chronic and chronic fat loss. Does not seem. Adjusting it regularly strengthens the abdominal muscles, giving the hanging belly a proper shape.

Lie upon the floor for this exercise and now bend your legs, now lift your hands behind your head and bring your upper back to the legs, lift as much as you can from the ground, Avoid over-emphasizing the neck.


Repeat this exercise daily for one day a week, repeat the procedure 15 to 20 times at a time and inhale with intervals of 30 seconds in the middle, repeat the same procedure 5 to 6 times after 30 seconds, slowly to increase

Crunches are the best excercise to get rid of stomach fat

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