5 Proven successful Dental Marketing Ideas to attract your New Patients

5 Proven successful Dental Marketing Ideas to attract your New Patients

If you want to look for some marketing hints for your dental practices, you need to follow some basic rules that are quite easy but they need to be strictly maintained. When you land on a market where you already have people working in the same field, you need to provide your customers with some extra beneficial facto that they would love to use/engage. A dental practice is one such thing! If you want to shine in this field of dental practice, you need to offer your patients some more competitive service at competitive prices.

The quality of service matters everywhere, no matter what you do. No one wants to try your service if it is full of garbage or you have poor quality. If you keep attracting your patients through your top-notch quality service, your patients would never love to leave. That’s where dental marketing comes in full force.

For every field, you have a different form of marketing strategy. In terms of dental practice, you will be needed to follow a SWOT process. A lot of you may not be familiar with it. Here’s the full description:

When you land on a competitive market (which dental practice has), you need to adhere to some basic ladder formula that will lead you to design a winning trophy.

  • Strength- this process demonstrates how you need to stand out from the crowd. The difference your service would be, the chances of more patients getting into your clinic also increase.
  • Weakness- your competitor may not cover up everything that is sure to satisfy your market sector. It must be lagging somewhere where the patients are still suffering. You have to grab the opportunity here and make a list of all those weaknesses.
  • Opportunities- here comes the most important rule of dental practice marketing. A marketing strategy is incomplete without opportunities. You need to find out where you can have the opportunities and for which location.
  • Threats- no opportunities is complete without the list of possible threats. Make a complete note of all the issues that you can anticipate regarding the flaws.

These lists will help you in positioning your dental practice and thus will mark a successful career in this field. After this, you need to bring out the marketing ideas that will help you in further growth.

Let’s get straight to what marketing ideas you can implement to shine your dental business amidst the crowded market.

Bonus system for referring

This is the most important system one needs to follow that gives a 70% boost to their marketing strategy. If an existing patient refers to a new patient about your clinic, he/she should be rewarded with some discounts on their next dental visit. This type of bonus rewards will entice your existing patients as they are not at all interested in increasing your business for no reason.

The bonus system will not only make them happy but they can always recommend to more people in the hope of getting some cool and awesome dental products at much lower prices. This way, you can always engage with your patients- the new and the old ones. They will be the source for your dental marketing in London so use them wisely. So every time an existing patient visits your clinic, hand them a referral card and request them politely to refer to their relatives or friends only on the basis that they love their service. The more honest you are with your patient, the more love they would shower by giving your address details to their fellow people.

Who will be your target audience?

 This must sound weird but the target audience in dental practice should be made to women. Women make up 90% of dental buying items. Women have always been super conscious of their family and hence have made a fair decision in providing only the safe products. If your service truly provides the best dental practices, they will be bound to buy it. You don’t even have to convince them!

While they have tons of options to choose for, the question will strike their mind as to why they should be trying out your dental products. Give them a valid reason to choose. You need to attract more females into thinking that your practice is outstanding. How you will do that? That’s your challenge. If you are very naive in this field, you can run a survey or maybe an online survey to see what women really love in dental practices. Some would say the logo, others would say the services. Who knows!

Unlike men, women have always been choosy and hence they purchase products based on a lot of factors.

Think once more about your offering

 Before you start up with your dental practices, make sure you have ransacked your competitors thoroughly. Even what offers do they provide to their patients. It’s useless to give your patients $99 for your dental practices when your competitor is providing at $49. You may advertise it as a special offer but that won’t attract your target audience when they know that they can get the same benefit who is providing at much cheaper rates.

While you have to think about increasing marketing strategies to draw more patients, you need to think about how your patients can be benefitted from your service. In a dental practice, a patient can think about these things that can help them solve their biggest issue:

  • one-visit treatments
  • weekend availability
  • before-and-after-school appointments

Online patient reviews

Online reviews are permanent and stay there forever until you remove it for a reason. People visiting your dental clinic would love to see what you have accomplished. Every new patient is anxious to get in touch with you for the first time. They want to gain their trust on you. So how can that be possible? Only through these online reviews that they get to see on your website.

Having a 5 star Google review is an important marketing strategy to increase engagement with your patients. Encourage your patients to give you positive feedback once they leave the clinic. Don’t force them or else you will lose more of your patients.

The secret formula for getting quick positive feedback from your patients is to have a friendly gesture. Patients highly appreciate those dentists who are very amiable and loves communicating in a friendly way. Such an attitude will automatically force the patient to recommend to people online by leaving good reviews.


Conclusion, dental marketing is a big step in boosting your dental practice online. You need to follow some basic rules along with the ability to give your patients the best services that they can’t find in their competitor’s clinic. For some more marketing strategies and proven profitable business growth, you can hire a marketing team DubSEO who can help you in achieving some more patients at a rampart stage!

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