Bad Breath Reasons and Treatment

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Reasons for Bad Breathing and ways to eliminate it

Reasons for Bad Breathing and ways to eliminate it


Smelling from the mouth is a very unpleasant feeling, not only for the person in the front but also for the person himself.

First, we explain why odour comes from the mouth.


There is no single cause, but there are numerous reasons. According to doctors, the constant odour of the mouth is the bacterium that is present in the mouth.


These bacteria produce gas inside the mouth of the human mouth that causes the mouth to smell.


In fact, when humans eat anything, these bacteria break down the sugars and starch in the mouth, which causes it to smell.


Bad Breating treatments


According to experts, mouth odour is a disease called halitosis in scientific terms. Doctors say that you should consult a dentist immediately if you have bad breath.


These are just some of the reasons we smell it in our mouth but you don’t have to worry about it.


Because today we will tell you some tips on how to solve this disease that a human being can easily get rid of from the odour of mouth.


Excessive use of water


Excessive Use of Water


Doctors say that if you drink less water that keeps your mouth dry, then your chances of getting a bad mouth odour increase.


Dry mouth affects the hormones or glands that make up our mouth. So we all need to keep our mouths hydrated.


According to the United States Food and Nutrition Board, women need 3.7 litres a day while men need 2.7 litres of water.


Green tea

Use Green Tea



Green tea contains antioxidants that are resistant to bacteria.


According to doctors, green tea contains the ‘Epigallocatechin-3-gallate’ ingredient, which helps to relieve gastric problems and mouth odour.


Use of Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil


Bacteria in the mouth emit some gas that causes an odor in the mouth, but according to one study, using T-tree oil significantly reduces the number of these bacteria.


The addition of a few drops of tea tree oil in a cup of warm water, it is helpful to rotate the mouth thoroughly.


Cinnamon oil


Cinnamon oil


If you also smell from your mouth, add some drops of cinnamon oil in hot water and rinse it well. Doing so will make you feel different.


Cinnamon oil has the potential to be helpful in resolving mouth and gum problems.


Aromatic spices

Aromatic Spiece



Among the spices that are fragrant are cloves, fennel and cardamom tops.


If your mouth smells and you are upset, then put cardamom in your mouth and keep it awhile.