Types of High Heel Shoes

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The fashion of High Heel Shoes

In the winter, the trend of trendy dresses, high sandals, and unique hairstyles are common among women. Go to market, bus stop, park or any restaurant women wear high heels with modern clothes. – High heels are always considered an integral part of fashion, but wearing them in the winter makes the personality of women look even more impressive.

There are reasons why high heels are popular. Gorgeous looks are art of genius in which footwear has its own place. Through which women appear to be smart and fashionable.
In fact, clothing and hairstyles have been the changing trend of women over time. Sometimes Long Shirt Fashion Is So Short Shirt Fashion Out, Long Hair Fashion New So Short Hair Fashion Is Old But In spite of all this, there is a fashion that does not get old in women despite all the shortcomings.

Because women never allow it to be outdated as a means of enhancing their beauty. The fact is that high heel fashion has been popular among women in the past. Wedding or celebrations are no longer limited to makeup. , It also includes a large shoe insert. Women wear confidence in wearing beautiful sandals of four-inch high heels, which is why women’s sunshine is considered incomplete without high heel sandals.

In this article, we will tell you about the different types of high heel shoes.

1: Kitten heels

This is a new style in the world of high heels whose popularity among women is not very old, but it is only a few years ago that the style is becoming more popular among the working women. Which makes it easier for working women to use it.

Kitten heels
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2: Pumps heels

One type of high heel is the pumps heel, which is usually two to two inches long. The texture of these sandals is bent forward and high from the back, making it difficult for women to use them at busy events.

Pumps heels
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3: Ankle strap heels

Ankle Strap Heels are manufactured in a variety of height heels. This type of sandal has a beautiful strap around a specific ankle that makes the sandals look beautiful as well as comfortable. Uncle strap heels are gaining more popularity today with women.

Ankle strap heels
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4: Wedge Heels

Two different types of heel shoes are manufactured – one with wedged heels and one with wedged sandals. This heel is more comfortable with heels because its heels are higher than the heels of the rest. The heel is commonly seen on women.

Wedge Heels
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5: Cone Heels

Cone Heels Texture is Like Cone Ice Cream to make some heels look pretty, regular footwear heels are also styled with cone ice cream that looks more stylish as well.

Cone Heels
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6: Platform heels

Platform heel is also a type of high sandal shoe that women usually wear with Capri. According to platform heel, most women say that the front of the sandal is not worn out because of the high heels. It is more comfortable than that.

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7: High heel boots

The use of high heel boots in women is more commonly seen in winter, which also adds to your personality while protecting against the effects of cold in cold weather. This fashion is more commonly seen in younger girls who wear high on jeans. The boots appear to be worn.

High heel boots
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8: Ankle booties

In the past few years, ankle booties have once again become a favourite among women. High heel booties, or ankle booties, are considered to be an important part of the autumn season.

Ankle booties
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9: Spool heels

The spool heel is more rigid than the heel, while the middle part of the sandal is tight as well as tight, which keeps you tired even when you’re walking.

Spool heels
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10: Chunky heels

Chanel heels are generally wider than the front, as well as the long ones, which women prefer to wear at special events. Chunky heels are worn more on the back because they are less feminine.

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11: Pencil heels

The use of the pencil heel in women is not new, but is modern, has been especially popular. The pencil heel is usually thin like a pencil which is manufactured at different inches and with each length as well as women’s preferences. I keep getting involved.

Pencil heels Image ALiExpress
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12: Comma heels

Considering the sign of the coma, the heel can be more easily presented. Yes, the heel is crafted in the shape of a coma which is beautiful as well as a risk because it can be worn. Later women need to be more careful.

Comma heels
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