Top 10 Fashion Designers in Pakistan

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Pakistan has very big and famous names in Fashion Designer Industry. In this blog, we will share details of Top 10 fashion brands in Pakistan. We will also discuss the famous Pakistani designer’s collection will also provide details of Pakistani designers’ online boutiques. In this detail article, you will also find the list of Karachi designers. In this blog, we have also tell you about lawn designers’ names in Pakistan. You will find details where you can buy Pakistani designer clothes online we have enlisted the best of Pakistani fashion designers collection in this blog.

Top 10 Fashion Designers in Pakistan

1: Maheen Khan

Maheen Khan is a leading fashion and outfit designer. Being a crucial part of the progressive journey of this industry, she is proud of Pakistan. She is a cultural ambassador of the country and the subcontinent through fashion, her absolute aim is to portray Pakistan’s softer image all around the world. She has not just got worldwide acclamation for herself, also exploring innovative ways for other designers to achieve their career goals.

She was born on May 19, 1945, at Karachi and joined a career path in the fashion business as a designer in 1972. She has the privilege to design dresses for Jemima Khan, Benazir Bhutto, Salimah Aga Khan, and other high profile ladies. Besides her services in Pakistan, Maheen Khan has participated in international fashion shows and events. The Milan Fashion Week referred to her title of the Coco Chanel of the east.

Maheen provided numerous costumes for films, opera, and theaters. Her company has worked for films such as Sweeney Todd, Alexander the Great, Elizabeth Young Victoria, and The Phantom of the Opera. The company has also contributed the efforts along with National Opera and the Royal Vienna Opera House, and productions such as Figaro for the Welsh, where the wardrobe has been facilitated by Maheen Khan.

Maheen’s company currently has two main brands of woman’s wear, The first one was “GULABO” created in 2007, merely holds the inspiration from Truck Art and affection towards colors of Pakistani peoples, Second is “MAHEEN”, a perfect synthesis of novelty and style.

In 2010, she joined Nishat Linen, where she got responsibilities to lead the designing department and provide consultancy for Nishat Linen sale & business concerns. Nisha ready to wear and Nishat lawn prints are the highlighted achievement of Maheen, afterward; these two projects have proved as a milestone for the current success of this brand.

Being an active participant from the initial stage of the fashion industry in Pakistan, she has never hesitated to coach young lot. She is a living style institute and inspiration. In the admiration of her lifelong efforts; the Government of Pakistan awarded her the Silver Shield in 2014.

Maheen Khan Top Pakistani Fashion Designer


2: Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani was born in 1974 and he belongs to the Hindu Sindhi community in Pakistan. He is a top designer in Pakistan and known as Guru in the fashion industry especially for kurta styles. He started his fashion career 26 years ago but still going on with the same dedication. He loves autonomy and works with a small team.

His global approach has helped him to get fame in the fashion field all around the world. He is a self-made industry icon who started from a modest background and stands in the most valued pioneers of the industry. He is merely a benchmark for those, who are seeking after their career in the Fashion Industry. Deepak Perwani beliefs that designer’s observation has no limits; they can find a design from flowers, rainbows, and other things in this universe.

Fashion is a strong source of delight for him and he is fit for this industry that entails an extraordinary creative mindset with diligent working stamina. It takes a long time to build up a brand in the market, and Deepak likewise has reached there after a long ride, almost 2.5 decades of passion and hard-working.

Deepak Perwani’s assortment of new dress styles places among the elite collection every year. He always surprises his fans with wonderful ideas. Deepak is an immaculate creator and his additions are amongst the most costly range but the justifiable value of your money.

His brand is the winner in the World Branding Awards 2017-2018 in the national category of Best Fashion Brand. His brand also has a privilege to win six Lux style awards. The brand established by Deepak Perwani supports recognizing him at Miami fashion week as the best International designer, His dresses collection got huge admiration at Milan fashion week 2010. His contributions are remarkable in the evolution of the Pakistani menswear industry.

Deepak Perwani Top Pakistani Fashion Designer

3: HSY

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is a renowned fashion designer in Pakistan as well as all over the world. He remains in everyone’s eyes as a gleaming star in fashion shows held in Asian and European countries.

This prime name of the Pakistani fashion industry was born in Lahore Pakistan. In 1996, he joined the Pakistan School of Fashion Design and completed his graduation in 2000. He has grasped a distinctions degree in couture. In 2005, he owned the Lux Style Fashion Designer Award. Harper’s Bazaar magazine acclaimed him as the “New King of Couture”.

He never looks back after starting his career in 1994. He takes this route as a fashion choreographer, and afterward, 6 years of matchless devotion enabled him to forecast the clothing industry and he started his own brand HSY. This trendy fashion designer has also launched his studios in Karachi & Lahore with premier clothing designs with the label of HSY. He also introduced jewelry articles under the umbrella of his brand.

HSY brand collection comprises multiple categories as HSY Couture, Wedding, and HSY Ready to Wear, Private Collection, and HSY Noir. With the presence of his full operational stores, his brand collections are also available in selected boutiques nationally and internationally (Dubai, Singapore, UK).

This energetic man from the top slot of Pakistani fashion designers perfectly worked in dual roles as a Choreographer and as a Fashion Designer. He set up various shows countrywide and numerous exhibitions in Dubai, USA, UK, and Canada.

HSY has gradually expanded his bridal and formal wear collection, with a team of 350 members and 6 international stores, his brand has won the most international acclamation and stays ahead in the large list of the South Asian fashion labels.

His designing reflects the primeval customs of Eastern craftsmanship in a modern approach. He believes that success in the industry requires creativity, continuous innovation, and a deep understanding of market trends.

HSY Pakistani Fashion Designer

4: Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari also stands in the list of the best designers in Pakistan. Nomi Ansari has the unique talent to do successful & imaginative experimentation with colors and their combinations. He completed graduation in 2001, since then, he has been busy crafting classic outfits. Nomi Ansari with more than a decade of experience in the industry is just shining at the high skies of the fashion globe.

His crafting techniques are very unconventional, but surprisingly, the vivacity of his clothes also conveys a clue of tradition. The eye-catching color combinations bring a youthful attraction to fortify his innovative designs.

Nomi Ansari has conquered the premium fashion market with his exceptional design styles since 2001. With his fervor for colors, his designs always bring a feel of gorgeousness and bliss, which he ensures to wrap in one elegant outfit.

Nomi Ansari seems to incline towards Prêt, so he introduced his Pret-line in 2006, DNA (Diffusion by Nomi Ansari), which enabled him to share the market along khaadi Pret and other relevant brands. This signature product by Nomi enhanced his reach to a wider audience.

Afterward, he has expanded the range by exploring the luxury lawn which also received an immediate positive response, and with his economical price settings, he will be a contender of the upcoming largest brand collections such as khaadi sale 2020, breeze and others. His God-gifted detailed-oriented approach towards bridal wear has made him the most emerging brand of Pakistan.

He can presume the bridal look, walk, and perception on the ramp with his designed articles. Nomi knows the insights of the Pakistani as well as international markets.

Nomi’s brand has certainly grown-up in the struggle. But afterward, he has recovered from initial hardships and launched Men’s line as well.

You can find his collections in leading multi-label stores across Pakistan and selective outlets in Singapore, Dubai, and Chicago as well. His habitual attention to detail has a worth of millions, the color combination supplemented with the slight zardozi art and crystal decor remains as a trademark that is never compromised.

Nomi Ansari is preserving his legacy through serving celebrities and high profile clients with unique conception and utmost quality.

Nomi Ansari Pakistani Top Fashion Designer

5: Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chottani is one of the gleaming names in the Pakistan Fashion industry. She was born on October 16, 1982, and belongs to Karachi. Creative craftsmanship and illustration skills have made her an entrepreneur.

She has brought a specialty in the country’s bridal dress styles by introducing her incredible variety in such stuff. This range includes sophisticated embroidered Bridals to bracing Prêt wear.

She has been a fashion enthusiast since childhood; she was very fond of fashion articles and magazines. Her first drawing & illustration exhibition held in 2009, which was the first run for the high flight of her career.

She got high repute in Bridal wear by using lavish fabrics, radiant adornment, soft shading, and traditional effects.

Zainab’s sophisticated ideas and modern cuts made her step into the world of Prêt. She launched her first Prêt collection, AQUA, based on straight and plain cuts with a unique focus on each outfit. After AQUA, she launched her second Pret collection, Mera Pakistan, inspired by unique and symbolic landmarks of Pakistan such as Minar-e-Pakistan and Bab-e-Khyber.

She showcased her Luxury Prêt collection, Hala-Lujah, at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and received amazing feedback. Hala pottery was the source of inspiration behind this collection. Afterward, she has continued to introduce new collections in her Prêt wear regularly, which is getting a great response from her clients.

Zainab Chottani has also presented her designs internationally in Doha and UK, where her exquisite collections were admired a lot.

Zainab Chottani has also set up ventures with some of the leading textile brands in lawn designing. Her printed lawn collection proved her imagination as well, although bridal wear is her forte. She can equally amaze the world with her lawn prints like Salitex or other relevant names.

She began as a wedding wear then included prêt and high fashion in her specialty. She is one of the outstanding dress planners in Pakistan for wedding wear and has shown her manifestations in Pakistan and additionally in Dubai, USA, and London.

There is a unique combination between Zainab’s well-defined business approach and her design aesthetic that has helped her to shape up the brand into a success story. Taking over the fashion industry one step ahead, Zainab Chottani is all together performing well with her Prêt, Couture, and Bridal collections.

Now, she is an important name in the list of upcoming mammoth openings such as Khaadi winter collection 2020, Gul Ahmad 2020 and many others.

Zainab Chottani Pakistani Fashion Designer

6: Kamiar Kami Rokni

Kamiar ‘Kami’ Rokni, a trendy name of fashion designing was born on October 15, 1976. He belongs to a classy family that always loves culture and art. In 2000, he completed his graduation from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design and started a clothing brand named Karma with a partnership of Maheen Ali in 2001.

He puts all the imagination behind the launching of this label that rapidly achieved prominence, and became a renowned brand in Pakistan. Kami has established many trends in the fashion industry. The ‘Starburst’ and ‘Kundan’ with a traditional touch spread his name successfully. In 2006, Kami separated from Karma, and individually started his brand, named Kamiar Rokni.

In 2008, Kami got the nomination for a lux style awards under the category of ‘Best Pret Wear’.

Kami also announced to open two design segments at a fundraising fashion show for the Smile Again Foundation.

His Lahore-based label has a wide range of luxurious Bridal & Haute Couture designs.

Kami is an active celebrity of the media industry as well, where he hosts a program “No Reservations” on dawn news.

Kamiar Rokni top Pakistani Fashion Designer

7: Sobia Nazir

After a hard route of 1.5 decades, Sobia Nazir is one of the leading clothing brands of Pakistan. She is a designer of high profile celebrities. Sobia launched by Pakistan’s top designer Sobia Nazir after her name.

Her imaginative mindset relates her design to nature. Sobia is one of the few designers who stand in the Pakistani industry like met gala celebrities.

Her long-lasting endeavor is to spread Pakistani culture worldwide through the design exhibitions in the USA and Dubai.

Sobia Nazir has exhibited her collection at Lahore in the PFDC Sunsilk fashion week several times.

She has consecutively year by year showed off a large arrangement of her creation at Milan fashion week, and Dubai Fashion shows. Asian Style Awards has presented her title of “Best Pakistani Fashion Designer of the Year” by in 2008.

In 2009, she launched lawn collection and took a step further to set up their outlets in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Sobia Nazir is Pakistan’s top designer name with a vast retail network for women fashion.

Her brand has diverse collections in Pret, couture, lawn, and other fabrics with embroidery work. She is also exporting nine brand collections with her label to India, the UK, Gulf States, and USA international destinations include India, UK, USA, Bangladesh, UAE, and Qatar. At Islamabad, her design house is equipped with more than 800 experts in the industry.

Sobia Nazir Top Pakistani Fashion Designer

8: Omer Mansoor

Omer Mansoor is a leading fashion and dress designer. He is proud of Pakistan being a vital part of the extended drive of this Fashion Industry.

He is a national representative of the country and the subcontinent through Fashion in the whole world. He has not just got worldwide applause, also discovering modern ways for other designers to achieve their professional goals.

Omer Mansoor got fame with cultural designs. He got acknowledgment for reinstating fusion clothing into the Modern era of fashion.

He belongs to a textile family. Since his childhood, he is surrounded by culture, style, art, and design. His family background was purely related to the textile industry. Family legacy supported him in an impressive way that he became a diamond of the Fashion Industry. He cultivated a vast knowledge of textile under the watchful decisions of his elders, who were known for their taste for elaborate fashion.

Omar Mansoor moved to London to study fashion. He attended the London College of Fashion, where he learned the craft of draping and cutting fabric to create a sparkling and stylish outline. Omar Mansoor used his philosophy of cloth designing obtained from his elders. He refused this designing philosophy with the facts that he extended with his creations.

There is no doubt to say that he is born as Artist. Omer’s dress collection launched in 2008. After launching the collection of his articles, his fame increased all over the world.

He prepared a comfortable collection of impeccably cut dresses, classy gowns, and stylish separates that have ornamented glamorous women all over the world.

These fashion articles become famous in British actresses and astound the International royals. His articles like red carpets comprising on Oscars and Cannes become famous in the European gentry.

Omar Mansoor internationally credited with his fusion clothing technique. Omar’s designs also have been presented by significant publications like Vogue UK, Huffington Post, and Financial Times.

Most of the Pakistani designers are involving in abaya & hijab style.

Omar Mansoor Pakistan top Fashion Designer

9: Maheen Kardar Ali

Maheen Kardar Ali is a brand of Pakistan Fashion Industry and was born in Lahore on the 2nd of November 1976. Her star is Scorpio and was born in Dragon year of Chinese Lunar Calendar. In the Pakistani Fashion Industry, she is a great name. She has gotten the heights of the Fashion Industry in a very short period.

She Graduated from Pakistan Leading Fashion School (PSFD). She started her unique brand Karma in 2001, this label got enormous Success, and her name became a brand.

In 2006, she started as a full time and executive designer, director, and owner of Karma. This brand won many Lux Style Awards. Afterward, she includes the Best Women’s Wear for Karma in Karachi and UAE.

Earlier, this brand was started by Maheen Kardar Ali and Kamiar Rokni on partnership. Later on, she separated from Kamiar Rokni and owned Karma herself only.

She is a very talented designer. Her work is very stylish and glamorous. Her diverse designs and articles grasped a large audience. She has a top place in the grooming fashion industry of Pakistan. Her exclusive collection in Red Carpet Fashion got the height of applause.

Maheen Kardar Ali is a globally admired Pakistani Fashion Designer, whose tag is accessible in Pakistan, United Kingdom, Unites States, and the Middle East also.

She proceeded with a massive number of trustworthy businesses in the UK, USA, and the Middle East. Currently, she is the most popular designer and stands among the wealthy celebrities of Pakistan fashion industry.

Maheen Kardar Ali

10: Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain was born in London. Her Date of Birth was 11th January 1979. She belongs to a Muslim Family.

She gained a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. She is a host, actress, entrepreneur & fashion designer.

She got her early education up to A-level from Beacon House School System and did BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgeon) from Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Karachi. So, by profession, she is a dentist. Due to her expertise, she did the Root Canal Operation of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Nadia Hussain belongs to the family of renowned singer Tina Sani. She started modeling after her BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgeon) as secondary profession. Gradually she became a renowned model of the era.

Over time, she selected as an ambassador of many brands. She is the name of excellence in terms of the designing industry. She got brilliance in the fashion industry globe in a short period.

Because of her tall height and talent of portraying a design at its best, she remains the first choice of designers as their model. Her demand increased due to her personality and stunning look. Mubashar Khan introduced her to the modeling field. She starts her modeling career in a very unique way, that’s the reason she got fame and became a sizzling demand of the Fashion Industry.

Rizwan Beyg selected her for Sarajevo Fashion Week as Pakistani Model. She also selected as Bridal Asia in India. Her demand increases with her work in modeling and fashion shoots. She was considered as the Best Model for Bridal Shoots.

She is in the industry from 20 years, therefore, perfectly aware of the designing trends. This insightfulness made her a triumph.

Nadia Hussain top Pakistani Fashion Designer