Explore 5 Main Hat Styles for Men

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Explore 5 Main Hat Styles for Men

In one way or the other throughout the significant period of time, hats have been in style always. Hats rapidly evolved into being in this fashion statement as they were used originally for protecting the wearer against the inclement of weather as well as injury. You need to choose the right type of hat for you as hats are now available in every style as imagined through the renowned custom hat printing services.

Here are 5 Best Hat Styles for Men

1: Baseball Caps Are Universally Flattering

Baseball cap usually flatters about every type of face protecting the eyes from the sun rays when they are worn outside as this is one of the most popular styles of hats. You will find caps for wholesale even as they are pretty much less expensive than the ones that are found in the retail stores offering you’re the option for ordering several styles as well as colours that would be matching well with various outfits.


There are people out there who wear their baseball caps along with their casual set of clothing such as that of the shorts and the jeans along with t-shirts. You need to have your accessories that are simple if you tend to wear the baseball cap in style. Even women who have long hairstyles can easily choose to wear a cap with an adjustable back along with a tinier space through which their ponytail can be pulled through.

2: Fedoras Bring Back 50s Style

Among the popular hats that have been introduced in the ’20s and when into a lot of popularity until that of the ’60s is the fedora. They are usually built with a narrow hat that is surrounded with brims. These are usually adorned by men with their suits being the part of their business dress code in the 1950s. they did come up to become the unique style for people of that era.


The fedoras are usually worn being the most stylish accent bearing the dressy casual clothing such as that of the corduroys as well as the sweaters and slacks along with that of the blazer. The fedoras are now usually worn by women with menswear that are inspired outfits matching well with the edgy and the most coordinated look. These caps are usually made out with the softer kind of materials along with the feminine colours of the pink.

3: Ivy Caps for Casual Comfort

These are generally the rounded caps with that of the smaller brim can match up well with the custom soccer uniforms. They are the perfect choice if you really in need of a hat that is not obscure much for your face and one that usually does not mess up your hair.


They usually sit on the top of your head and are usually easy to wear as they might not be keeping the sun out of your eyes like the baseball caps. These caps are usually versatile in nature and can be worn with any style of clothing except for the suits. These are often worn by the golfers and are also well-known for many other activities that are being performed.

4: Cabbie Hats Are Great Cover-Ups

These generally are the slouchy hats along with a smaller and lower brim. This is the most popular styled hats that are generally worn and are quite similar to that of the newsboy cap and are available in a huge range of colours and materials.


They are worn in the style of cabbie where they are pulled down lower over their brow with the softer unstructured part of the hat that is slouched over to the back of their head. These hats are the best way in which they can add some touch of style to the outfit while they do not have enough of their time for doing their hair. Women who are dealing with a bad day can easily tuck their hair up under the cap and prepare themselves for anything.


Although they can be ordered in the chunkiest knitted versions the popular cabbie caps are generally made from wool. They are the decorative buckle with a bow on one side of the brim adding a bit of feminine touch to the hat.

5: Fashion Tips for All Hat Styles

You will find several types of caps in the market today that can easily match up well with the custom jerseys, there are some tips that would help you choose the style that is best for you. You need to keep your earrings as well as the other accessories quite simple so that they do not start competing with the hat that you wear.


You need to choose the hairstyle that would be working pretty well with the hat as that can be fluffed up easily smoothing the place when you take your hat off. You also need to ensure that you are choosing the right size of your hat and one that does not slip over your eyes or one that is too big.