Top 5 hotels in Fizaghat Swat

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Top 5 hotels in Fizaghat Swat

In this article, we will inform our readers about the top 5 hotels in Fizaghat Swat.

Fizaghat Swat

Fizaghat is a tourist spot in Swat valley near Mingora city. Fizaghat is a popular place to visit in Swat valley. Fizaghat Park is located on the bank of River Swat. Fizaghat Park was established in 1984. There are many beautiful hotels in Fizaghat for an overnight stay for travelers.

Top 5 Hotels in Fizaghat Swat are as follows

1: Rock city Resort Fizaghat

Rockcity hotel is located in Fizaghat Swat. It is one of the best hotel to stay in Fizaghat. Rockcity resort offers luxury family rooms, deluxe rooms and executive rooms at cheap rates. All rooms are equipped with all the best facilities in Rockcity Hotel Fizaghat.

2: Swat View Hotel Fizaghat

Located on the bank of Swat River in Fizaghat near Fizaghat national park. The Swat view hotel Fizaghat is one of the best hotel in Fizaghat Swat. Swat view hotel rooms offer spectacular views of Swat River. Swat view hotel has the best rooms with all basic facilities in all rooms.

3: Hill City Hotel Fizaghat

Hill city hotel is situated in the Fizaghat swat valley. It has the best rooms and it offers rooms at very cheap rates. It is the best hotel in Fizaghat for big groups. It is the best and economical hotel in Fizaghat.

4: Riverside Hotel Fizaghat

Ideal hotel with a riverside location. Well-built and nicely decorated rooms. Service and basic amenities are available. Riverside hotel Fizaghat offers rooms at very cheap prices.

5: Darya e Swat Hotel Fizaghat

It is the best hotel to stay in Fizaghat Swat. Dary e Swat Hotel Fizaghat has the best rooms at cheap rates all rooms are well furnished and all basic facilities are available in Darye e Swat Hotel Fizaghat.

6: Peace Hotel Fizaghat Swat

If you are looking to stay in Fizaghat Mingora, then the highly recommended hotel is the Peace Hotel Fizaghat, especially for families. Economical, new construction, best room services, cooperative hotel staff.

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