Top 5 Hotels in Kalam

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Top 5 Hotels in Kalam

In this article, we will inform our readers about the top 5 hotels in Kalam. 


Kalam is a beautiful and tourist destination Swat valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There are many beautiful hotels are available in Kalam. Kalam is famous for Mahodanad lake and Ushu valley. There are lots of other places are available in Kalam to visit.

Top 5 Hotels in Kalam are as follows.

1: Walnut Heights Hotel Kalam

Walnut Heights Hotel located at a very beautiful location in Kalam is one of the best hotels in Kalam. The hotel is the best choice for families to spend their summer holidays in a good atmosphere. It is a complete wooden hotel. Walnut heights are one of the most luxury and most expensive hotels in Kalam. Walnut heights are only 5-star hotels in Kalam.

Hotel Walnut Heights Kalam

2: Hotel Al-Khaleej Kalam Swat

Al-Khaleej is located on the main road in Kalam in KPK in Swat Valley. Al Khaleej hotel Kalam is known as 2nd best hotel in Kalam. It is a 4 star hotel. It offers deluxe and executive rooms. Services of al Khaleej hotel Kalam are outstanding. Book rooms in Al Khejeej hotel Kalam at cheap rates at

Al Khaleej Hotel Kalam

3: Greens Hotel Kalam

Greens Hotel Kalam is the best and affordable hotel in Kalam. It is one of the best hotel for families in Kalam. The food at the restaurant at the Greens Hotel Kalam is very tasty. You can book rooms in the Greens Hotel Kalam at cheap rates through Greens Hotel Kalam is known as top hotel in Kalam.

Greens hotel Kalam

4: New Honeymoon Hotel Kalam

New Honeymoon Hotel is located on the bank of Swat river Near Gamon Bridge, Kalam Bazar،in Kalam. New Honeymoon hotel Kalam offers well-furnished rooms at very cheap rates. It is the best and top hotel in Kalam. Rooms in New Honeymoon hotel Kalam can be booked through at cheap rates.

New Honeymoon Hotel Kalam

5: Golden Star Hotel Kalam

Golden star hotel is located at the tehsil road in Kalam. This is the best and cheap price hotel in Kalam. Golden star hotel Kalam is the best option for school, college, university of big corporate groups and tours. Golden star hotel offers the best rooms at a cheap price in Kalam. Golden star hotel also offers packages for group tours. It is the best and one of the most reasonable hotels in Kalam.

Golden Star Hotel Kalam

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