Top 5 Hotels in Bahrain Swat Valley

Top 5 Hotels in Bahrain Swat Valley

In this article, we will inform our readers about the top 5 hotels in Bahrain Swat

Bahrain Swat

Bahrain is a small town and famous tourist attraction in Swat Valley. It is 1 and a half hours away from Mingora city. Kalam is 37KM away from Bahrain swat. Bahrain is famous for its nightlife. Bahrain is located on the bank of river swat. There are many beautiful and best hotels in Bahrain that can be booked at very cheap rates. Hotels in Bahrain are available at very low rates.

Top 5 Hotels in Bahrain Swat are as follows

1: Madina Tower Hotel Bahrain Swat

Madina Tower is one of the best hotel located in the main bazaar in Bahrain Swat. It is one of the best hotel in Bahrain swat. It is the biggest hotel in Bahrain swat. Madina tower hotel Bahrain has standard and deluxe rooms at cheap rates. Book rooms in Madina tower hotel Bahrain at cheap rates at


2: The Kingsbury Hotel Bahrain Swat

The Kingsbury Hotel is located in the main Kalam road in Bahrain swat. It has well-furnished rooms equipped with all the basic facilities. You can book your rooms in Kingsbury hotel Bahrain at cheap and best prices online at


3: Marina Hotel Bahrain Swat

Marina hotel is also located infamous town of Swat valley in Bahrain. It has the best rooms at cheap prices. Indoor parking available at Marina Hotel Bahrain Swat valley. This hotel in Bahrain is famous for its traditional foods. You can enjoy all kinds of traditional meals during your stay in Marina Hotel Bahrain Swat. Book rooms in Marina Hotel Bahrain Swat at cheap rates at

4: Hotel Dimsun Bahrain Swat

Hotel Dimsun is located in Main Bazar in Bahrain city in Swat valley. This hotel offers standard and deluxe rooms at low rates. It is the average hotel in Bahrain swat valley. This is the best hotel in Bahrain swat valley for low budget travelers. Rooms can be booked in Hotel Dimsun Bahrain Swat valley online at best rates.


5: Bahrain Continental Hotel Bahrain Swat Valley

Bahrain continental hotel Bahrain swat is the only best hotel in Bahrain swat valley. It is the only suitable hotel in Bahrain for families. Other hotels in Bahrain are not so good for families in terms of services. Bahrain continental hotel offers best services to its guests. It has indoor free parking, elevator available at hotel. It also provides internet 24/7 electricity also available with a power backup generator. Book rooms in Bahrain Continental hotel Bahrain swat valley on cheap rates at

List of Hotels in Bahrain Swat Valley

  1. City Star Hotel and Restaurant Bahrain
  2. Lachine Hotel Bahrain
  3. Grace Hotel Bahrain
  4. Bolan Continental Hotel Bahrain Swat
  5. Pameer Hotel Bahrain
  6. New Parbat Hotel Bahrain
  7. Kohistan Continental Hotel Bahrain
  8. Iqbal Hotel Bahrain
  9. Bahrain Hotel Bahrain
  10. Zahoor Hotel Bahrain
  11. Dream Valley Guest House Bahrain
  12. Welcome Guest House Bahrain
  13. Liberty Hotel and Guest House Bahrain
  14. Badal Guest House Bahrain

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