Top 5 Hotels in Murree

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In this article, we will inform our readers about the top 5 hotels in Murree. 


Murree also is known as Malka Kohsar located in the Galiyat region in Pakistan. This is the most famous and most visited hill station in Pakistan. It is near Islamabad. Murree is famous for its beautiful mountains. It is a very crowded tourist destination. Mall road and Kashmir point along with Patriata are famous tourist attractions in Murree. There are 100+ beautiful, luxury, and cheap price hotels are available in Murree.

The top 5 Hotels in Murree are as follows.

1: Pearl Continental Hotel Murree Burban

PC Burban is a 5-star hotel located in Burban in Murree. It is located in a very beautiful location in Murree. It is the most expensive and most beautiful hotel in Murree. PC Burban is located at a very outstanding location in Murree. This Hotel offers deluxe and executive rooms and executive suites are also available in PC Burban. PC Burban can be booked at cheap rates through

PC Hotel Burban

2: Hotel One Murree

Hotel one is located in Burban in Murree. It is the biggest hotel chain by PC. PC Operates hotel one. Hotel one is also a luxury hotel in Murree. Book rooms in Hotel one Murree on cheap rates at

Hotel One Murree

3: Arcadian Blue Pines Hotel and Resorts Murree

Arcadian Blue Pine Hotel is situated Lawrence College Rd, Near Lawrence College، Murree. Arcadian Blue Pine resort is a 4 star resort or hotel in Murree. Book rooms in Arcadian Blue Pines at cheap rates.

Arcadian Blue Pines Luxury Resort Murree

4: Lockwood Hotel Murree

Lockwood hotel is located on Imtiaz Shaheed Road in Murree. Lockwood Hotel Murree offers the best rooms at a very reasonable price. It is one of the best family hotel in Murree. You can book rooms in Lockwood hotel Murree on cheap rates at

Lockwood Hotel Murree


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5: Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree

Shangrila Resort Hotel is situated at Lawrence College Road, Adjacent to Punjab House، in Murree. This 3-star hotel is also known as the best hotel in Murree. Shangrila resort hotel Murree offers one of the finest and well-furnished rooms at a cheap price. Book the best rooms in the Shangrila resort hotel Murree at cheap rates.

Shangrila Resort Murree