Top 5 Hotels in Mingora

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Top 5 Hotels in Mingora

In this article, we will inform our readers about the top 5 hotels in Mingora Swat.


Mingora is an administrative city of Swat valley. It is located 2KM away from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley. Mingora city is the gateway to famous and most visited tourist destinations in Swat valley including Bahrain, White Palace, Kalam valley, Malamjabba, and many more places. There are a lot of beautiful hotels and resorts are available in Mingora. Best hotels and cheap hotels and low price hotels are available in Mingora.

Top 5 Hotels in Mingora are as follows

1: Swat Continental Hotel Mingora

Swat continental hotel is located in Mingora city on Saidu Sharif road. It is the best hotel in Mingora it offers rooms at cheap rates. It has well-furnished rooms. This hotel also offers internet, Wi-Fi and free parking facilities. Book rooms in Swat Continental Hotel Mingora at cheap rates at


2: Pameer Hotel Mingora Swat

Pameer Hotel is situated at GT Rd, Mula Baba Mingora, Swat, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Mingora. Pameer hotel offers well-furnished and best rooms at cheap rates. Pameer Hotel is 2km away from Swat Museum. Butkara Stupa Buddhist site is also located near to the Pameer Hotel in Mingora.


3: Swat Regency Hotel Mingora

Swat Regency hotel is situated on the airport road in Mingora. This hotel is located in a very nice location in Mingora. It offers standard and deluxe rooms equipped with all necessary facilities like attached bathroom, internet, Wi-Fi, indoor parking and an on-site restaurant. Book rooms in Swat Regency Hotel at cheap rates.


4: Shelton Rezidor Hotel Mingora

Shelton Rezidor a 3 star hotel is located in Mingora city. Shelton Rezidor has neat and clean attached bathrooms. It is the best and peaceful hotel to stay in Mingora. Well furnished rooms are available at Shelton Rezidor hotel equipped with all basic facilities. The rooms are very beautiful the hotel staff is very corporative and friendly. Shelton Rezidor Hotel is the best option in Mingora for families. It’s a bit expensive but it is the best hotel in Mingora. Book rooms in Shelton Rezidor Hotel Mingora on corporate rates at


5: Burj Al Swat Hotel Mingora

Burj Al Swat is the biggest hotel in Mingora Swat. Its building is the tallest building in Swat Valley. The hotel is located near the most famous tourist attraction the Fizaghat Park in Mingora. It is known as one of the best hotels in Mingora. It is the 2nd best hotel in terms of the best services and the best accommodation after Serena Swat. Tasty and delicious food can be enjoyed at Burj Al Swat hotel. The hotel has an indoor parking facility. It has deluxe and executive rooms. It is the most expensive hotel in Swat after Serena Saidu Sharif. Book rooms in Burj Al Swat Hotel at Cheap rates.

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