Emma Stone’s Houses in Los Angeles

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Emma Stone’s Houses in Los Angeles

Nowadays Hollywood celebrity’s favorite sector has become real estate. There, the trend is so popular that many actors will find luxury residences, whose value has become increasingly popular as well as selling. Fans of the Stars also take these properties for granted. Like other celebrities, why should Oscar-winning ‘Lalaland’ star Emma Stone stay behind, whose magic of beauty is surpassing?

Some time ago she bought two new homes on the beaches of Los Angeles. Founded in 1920 in Westwood, the Spanish-style cottage was purchased for $ 2.3 million while the Maldives Ranch Style House in Malibu for $ 3.25 million. In addition, Beverly Hills Home, purchased in 2012 on the premises of Beverly Hills in downtown Los Angeles, was worth $ 2.477 million.

List of Emma Stone’s Houses in Los Angeles

Westwood Cottage

Westwood Cottage is a wonderful cottage. Inside it is hardwood floors, open beams and curved doors that pass between the living room and the dining room. It is at the discretion of Emma Stone that she crosses this dark passage into which room.


Comfortable kitchen countertops are welcome with white cabinets and sophisticated appliances. There are also three bedrooms spread over two floors. There is also a beautiful backyard, with swimming pools, patio and guest house adorned with blue tiles, provides a sense of calm and freshness.

Westwood Cottage of Emma Stone

Wrench Style House

On the other side of the coast, LaLaLand star’s house is very different. The farm-style house is wrapped in a green wrap overlooking Mount Los Tunis Beach. Speaking of the interior of the house, it is bright and airy with white walls, high ceilings, and large windows. Glass walls feature many parts of the home. The kitchenette and furnishings are worth seeing while the master bedroom enjoys a stunning view of the ocean.

Wrench Style House

Beverly Hills Home

Emma Stone purchased the property from Australian film editor Kirk Baxter. This four-bedroom, four-bedroom and four-bathroom home in Ammaston is a traditional house built in the 1950s, situated on a quiet street along the intersection. Like a tomato, a red door opens onto a wide porch. Inside, the sensual combination of home colors and designs is enough to make the eyes stand out. The front door is decorated with red and white geometric wallpapers to create a perfect blend of dark shiny wood floors.

Some steps will enter the house, with elevated elevations facing the living and dining room, where a fireplace made of white brick will be welcome. On the upper side will be visible zipper design storage and display cabinets. Double French doors along the wall open to the dining area on one side, and on the other side you can be enchanted by the nature of the blue balcony made of bluestone, where the colorful chandeliers on the high ceilings add to the atmosphere.

There is a kitchen adjacent to the dining area, which Emma Stone-built to suit her tastes in 2012 when she purchased the residence before it was used as a regular dining room. The area is also decorated with green by Emma Stone. When the rays of the sun enter the room, the arc of the rainbow is bound together. Black countertops and icy white cabinets make the atmosphere even more appealing. The cozy lounge area and dining area are also nearby. The master bedroom is similarly decorated, however, the color palette in the room is dull gray-blue. There is also a spacious lounge area with a marble fireplace, where Emma allocates a large screen TV for entertainment.


There is also a luxurious bathroom with cabinets, which also has a beautiful tub, as well as a separate shower room with shower set, here you can see the beautiful combination of a color palette. Classic French doors open from the bedroom to the backyard. There are also three additional guest bedrooms, where the same color and entertainment, including the media room, will show Emma’s mood. After descending the stairs from the balcony at the rear, you can enjoy a swim by going to the swimming pool surrounded by three adjoining high-rise shrubs and lush lawns.

Beverly Hills Home of Emma Stone

Los Tons Beach Cottage

Hollywood star Amaeston’s love for the beach is clearly reflected in his real estate portfolio, a practical proof of his beautiful stone-built cottage on a 3.2-acre beach near Los Tunis Beach, Spread over an area of ​​1,800 square feet, where the ocean view on all four sides surpasses Emma’s soul.


Emma bought the house for $ 3.25 million, but Emma upgraded it after buying it, after which, according to real estate agents, its value increased to $ 3.6 million. Las Tunas Beach is renowned for having the best pastures and natural aviation landscapes in the United States, where the greenery of the spring and the blue waters around the ocean surrounds the viewer.

Los Tons Beach Cottage