Celebrity Dressing Room Style

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Celebrity Dressing Room Style

Who does not like to be adorned, everyone wants to look beautiful and beautiful in all people. Decorating takes time, too, so it is important to have a specific place in the house for this task. This is why in every modern dressing room the need for every home is being recognized. When it comes to celebrity homes, the importance of the dressing room there doubles.

Separate space for the dressing room is allocated during the construction and mapping of celebrity houses. Let’s try to find out what kind of dressing room a celebrity builds in their luxurious homes in today’s article so that this article can guide you whenever you plan to build a dressing room in your home.

Khloe Kardashian Dressing Room

Says the lifestyle of a man is a reflection of his personality and this beautiful phrase accurately translates the lifestyle and personality of reality TV star, model, and businesswoman Khloe Kardashian. As beautiful as Khloe Kardashian herself is, her home in Calabasas, California, looks just as beautiful.

The dressing room at Clive Kardashian’s house has been decorated by the famous interior designer of Los Angeles Martin Lawrence Billiard. From the dressing room floor to the walls, wardrobes, shoe racks, even the center dressing table, white color has been chosen. Beautiful chandeliers hanging on the ceiling in the center of the center table, beautiful show racks to the left of the wall create a unique and charming atmosphere.

Khole Kardasian Dressing Room

Mariah Carey Dressing Room

The dressing room design of world-renowned singer Mariah Carey is as unique and stylish as other celebrities like her personality. The rustic touch, rather than white, makes the dressing room environment unique and unique. Mariah Carey has chosen the natural tone for the dressing room of her luxurious home in Bedford, New York. The original color of the standard wood (brown) has been selected for the construction of the shelf and wardrobes on all four sides of the dressing room.

The green color of the walls hanging from the upper level of the ceiling plays a vital role in enhancing the attractiveness of the living room. On the other hand, a show shelf has been set up to protect their precious sandals just a short distance from the wardrobe. The shelf in the dressing room is constructed in such a way that the lower level is wide and the upper level is domed, giving the shelf a dramatic look to the dressing room.

Mariah Carey dressing room

Kylie Jenner Dressing Room

Kylie Jenner has the honor of being the world’s youngest billionaire woman. At the age of 21, when people dream of the future, Kylie managed to make a billion dollars, leaving many behinds. However, even in this busy life, this billionaire lady of the world does not forget to adore. In an interview with a British magazine some time ago, Kylie revealed that she spends most of her time in the dressing room.

The magazine then posted photos of the superstar’s luxurious home in Los Angeles. The most prominent of these pictures was the beautiful and luxurious dressing room. Since Kylie’s favorite color is pink, two particular colors white and pink have been taken into consideration in the dressing room’s construction immersion.


The exquisite white dresser on which the Baby Pink Punk countertop is is proof of Kylie’s superior taste. On the other hand, the Hollywood Light Vanity Mirror has been chosen instead of ordinary glasses to enhance the beauty of the dressing room. The dressing room also features Kylie’s shows and purse racks, for which a separate section has been allocated to the dressing room. The father’s wall shoe rack has been customized for the dressing room’s central wall purse rack.

Kylie Jenner Dressing Room

Serena Williams Dressing Room

Serena Williams, a celebrity of other Hollywood celebrities, is also keen on expensive clothes, stylish shoes, and expensive jewelry. Serena’s passion for the show can be gauged by her sophisticated dressing room design, where not only are all the costumes, jewelry, and shoes of every color but also the design and design of it are designed to give the viewer Attracts the most attention.

Last year, Serena Williams renovated the dressing room of her luxurious home in Bel Air, California, which cost $ 10 million. During the renovation, a walk-in wardrobe was added to the dressing room. Almost every wall of Serena’s dressing room has beautiful and stylish white-colored drawers, cabinets, and shelves. These shelves have unique and stylish style storage to hold all valuables, from gowns to jewelry.