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London is a city of modern and ancient buildings

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London is a city of Modern and ancient Buildings

London, England, and the United States is the UK’s capital and most populous city, inhabited by river Thames. London has been the center of settlement in the region for the past two centuries. The city was founded by the Romans, who named it Londinium. The city is very populous while most people here prefer to walk and everyone tries to reach their destination quickly.


There are numerous foreign settlements in this city. It is estimated that there are 300 languages ​​spoken in the city. The city is also very important in the world economically, socially and politically. A skyscraper under construction in London is setting a record of height with every new floor being constructed, but in the eyes of critics, tall buildings are destroying London’s traditional beauty and skyline. There is a long list of London’s most famous buildings and it is not possible to cover them all in this article, but let’s mention a few.

Wembley Stadium

It is the world’s first stadium in London, costing $ 1.5 billion to construct. The stadium, completed in 2006, has a seating capacity of 90,000 people.

Wembley Stadium

Big Bean

One of the wonders of the world, and London’s most recognizable ancient clock “Big Bean” has been in the works for 150 years. It weighs 15.5 tonnes while the diameter of the dial is twelve and a half feet and the needle is eleven feet. This bell was produced at the White Chapel Bill Foundry. Londoners usually correct their watch hours with this. It is kept light overnight. The tower in which this bell is installed is 300 feet high. In World War II, the minaret was also bombed and damaged the hour-long balcony.


The history of its establishment is also very interesting, with the devastating fire in London in 1834 that destroyed much of the old building of Parliament, during which time architect Charles Barry was entrusted with the task of designing a new Westminster building. went. He also built a clock tower with a new parliament building and also installed an hourglass. The clock tower was completed in 1859 and for the first time on May 31, 1859, the clock started functioning.


Just six weeks after the needles were in motion, the clock sounded for the first time in the London atmosphere. Ever since today, its needles have been spinning around.

Big Bean London

Natural History Museum

London’s Natural History Museum is famous worldwide. The museum contains thousands of artifacts, which help to research and study the history of the planet. As well as those who are interested in history and wonders, this museum has a rare treasure. If you are looking to visit a London museum, you will no longer need to spend millions of rupees in the UK for this purpose.


Google has arranged a tour of not only London but also the Berlin Museum. After an agreement was reached between the Google, London and Berlin museums, the Internet company, using its “Street View” technology, acquired interior and exterior images of these museums and then digitally connected them to the well-known. Moved museums into a virtual world.


Internet users can visit their virtual museums at home and view more than three million different wonders, antiques and historical artifacts. They include specimens of all kinds of birds, birds, plants, animals, and other branches of scientific science, from fossils of “meth” to endless species of elephants, from giant T rex dinosaurs to elephants. This Google Online Museum is divided into nine sections. Virtual visitors can also use Google’s virtual reality headset to enjoy this museum’s 360-degree YouTube videos.

Natural History Museum London

St. Paul’s Cathedral

London is a city 2,000 years old. In 1666, when the whole of London was burned by the fire, it was considered mercy because it ended the plague. From where the fire started, a tower has been erected as a memorial, with 311 stars. Prominent philosophers and scientists Darwin and Newton are buried in Westminster.


Many famous artists, architects, and scientists are buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral. St Paul’s Cathedral has more than 500 stairs and over it the whole city is visible. It was here that the married Lady Diana and Prince Charles were also married.

St. Paul's Cathedral London

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