How to use video chat feature with 50 people in WhatsApp?

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By John Wick

Recently, Facebook Messenger introduced a feature that supports video chat with up to 50 people at a time, which is now being offered on WhatsApp as well.

This feature called Messenger Rooms has reached Instagram users but it is not currently available to everyone in the WhatsApp. This feature has been introduced in Android and iOS beta versions and now the company has also explained how Android users will be able to use it.

WhatsApp has updated its FAQ page to explain how ROM links can be created and shared or how to be part of someone else’s ROM.

Here’s how to use Whatsapp 50 People Video Chat Feature

To do this, first open the WhatsApp, go to the Calls tab in it, click Create A Room, or open a friend or group chat, click on the Attach sign and go to the Room option.

Similarly, open a group chat and click on group call there. A room can also be created and this option will be available only when there are 5 or more people in the group.

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Clicking on the ROM option will bring up a popup window in which you have to click on Continue in Messenger and then select the Try It option.

Then click on create room & give a name to it.  Then reopen the WhatsApp to send the link to the WhatsApp.

Now select the people with whom you want to share this link and click on the arrow on the screen. Now you will have a link in front of which you can write your message through text and then click on the send button.

The company has clarified that this feature is not currently introduced in the main app, but users will soon be able to use it.

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