17 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

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WhatsApp is the world’s most famous messaging app. It has nearly 2 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is also the most used messaging app in the world. However most of its users know about its interesting tips and tricks. These Interesting WhatsApp tips and tricks made the use of this app more interesting.

In this article, we will tell you about 17 amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks. Here are the top 17 WhatsApp tips and tricks.

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1: How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp?

It is not very difficult to read or restore a deleted message in WhatsApp. If a sender friend deletes the message you received, then it is very easy to undo it.


There are many tricks available for this purpose. In Google play store many apps available which can be used to read deleted message in WhatsApp. But, we don’t recommend the use of any third-party application to read deleted messages in WhatsApp.

Here is the best way and legal way to read a deleted message in WhatsApp…

Just uninstall your WhatsApp after taking backup & reinstall it. After reinstall you will be able to see deleted messages of WhatsApp. As, the messages stored in your backup account. So, you can read WhatsApp messages by using this process.

Note: This feature will only work if you have schedule WhatsApp chat backup on a daily basis.

2: How to send HD Photos on WhatsApp?

As you know WhatsApp compress pictures to low quality on normal photo sharing procedure. There are many tricks available in WhatsApp through which a user can send HD Photos to friends and family.


Go to your WhatsApp Chat and click on the Paper clip Icon and then click on the document. Clicking on the documents menu option will bring you all the documents files that are stored on your smartphone. Search the file which you want to send. Open the desired folder by tapping on the selected image and then click on send. While multiple images can be sent as such, just hold down one image briefly and then select another.

3: How to send a message on WhatsApp without saving numbers?

You can send messages on WhatsApp without saving numbers. For this you need to find related apps from Google play store. There are many apps available in-app stores that allow users to send messages on WhatsApp without saving numbers. However we don’t recommend the use of any third-party application. Here we are telling you the legal procedure to send a message on WhatsApp without saving number.


Open browser of your choice on your smartphone. Then type this link into the search bar, ( Add number with country code. For example, if this person’s number is in Pakistan, it will be something like this: ( After that press enter.

Next, a WhatsApp window will open asking if you want to send a message to this number and then click on ‘Send message’. You will automatically be taken to the WhatsApp app where a Start Chat window will appear and you will be able to send a message to anyone without adding it.

4: How to use different new typewriter fonts in WhatsApp?

Use this symbol () three times in the front or back of your message to change the font of your WhatsApp message such as Message`, it is readily available on Android keyboard but not in iOS. It needs to copy-paste it for Apple devices.

5: How to save Mobile data on WhatsApp?

To see how much data you use on the WhatsApp app, go to data usage and network use in the app’s settings. In the data usage menu you can restrict data and connect the auto-download of photos, audio, video and documents to Wi-Fi. In addition, by selecting low data usage mode you can reduce the usage of mobile data in this app.

6: How to share documents on WhatsApp?

You can now also share documents in WhatsApp chat directly from Google Drive and iCloud Drive. Click on the arrow to the left of the text window, then the Share document and then select where you want to share it.

7: How to prevent WhatsApp photos and videos from being saved on the phone?

If you don’t want to save WhatsApp photos or videos automatically in the device of your phone memory. So you can turn off this feature of WhatsApp. Go to Chats in the app’s settings and turn off save incoming media.

8: How to use Bold, Italic and Strike throw Fonts in WhatsApp?

Well, there are many interesting tips and tricks available in WhatsApp. In WhatsApp you can decorate your text and can present in an attractive look.

Method of Using Bold Font in WhatsApp:

If you want messages in Bold you need to put this symbol () in start and end of word or stance that you want in Bold form. For example: *Newsnblogs

Method of Using Italic font in WhatsApp:

Use this symbol () at the beginning and end of your message on WhatsApp. Like: _Newsnblogs

Method of Using Strike Throw Font In WhatsApp:

Add ~ at the beginning and end of your word such as ‘greeting’.

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9: How to turn off Blue Tick on WhatsApp?

You can turn off the blue tick in WhatsApp by using the following method.


Open the WhatsApp app, go to Settings, Account, and then Privacy, uncheck the red recipe there, unfortunately, you will not be able to see if other people have read your messages.

10: How to read WhatsApp message without showing the blue tick?

If you want to read a WhatsApp message without showing the blue tick to the sender. It’s not very difficult you can do this through following Interesting WhatsApp tips and tricks.


When you receive a message on WhatsApp, turn on the Airplane mode of your phone and go WhatsApp and read it. The blue tick will not appear to the sender until you re-open the WhatsApp. After reading the message close all the apps running in the backend via the multi-window instead of the back-up to close the app. Doing so will completely shut down the WhatsApp and switch to airplane mode will not sync the device online.

11: How to save Chat history on WhatsApp?

In the list of amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks for you this is the trick number 11. You can use this to save chat history on WhatsApp.


Go to settings, click on Chat and after that click on Chat backup. Configure your settings to set backup of your WhatsApp messages. You can schedule backup of your WhatsApp messages daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can include videos, photos, audio, files in your chat backup.

12: How to listen WhatsApp audio messages without headphones?

If you want to limit your WhatsApp audio messages only to you and you don’t have headphones. You can do this when you receive an audio message click on play and immediately be in position as if calling someone.

As you do so, the phone will immediately transfer audio output from the main speaker to the earpiece speaker, and only you will be able to hear that message.

13: How to transfer files from WhatsApp to Computer and phone?

Create a group, add a friend, then delete so you’re alone in the group. Now open the WhatsApp web and log in with the QR code, after which you can transfer any media file you want to the computer via WhatsApp group, or open any chat and transfer the files from there.

14: How to send a large video on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp capabilities are limited in terms of file sharing. No file can be shared except RAR, Zip, PDF, Easy, APK and Word file, which should be up to 15 MB.

This is where CloudSend app works. Upload the file to this app and give the given link to the desired user. They could easily download the file when they clicked on it.

15: How to change the mobile number of WhatsApp?

Often, other users can see your phone number on the WhatsApp, but if you have multiple mobile phones, changing the number requires uninstalling and reinstalling. However, there is an easy way to do this. Click Accounts in Settings, there will be an option to change the number of WhatsApp. There will be two fields. Enter your new number in the first field, then your old number in the second and click on done. After examining this new number, WhatsApp will move your conversation to this new number.

16: How to turn off the last seen feature on WhatsApp?

This feature works well because it lets you know when your friend was online, but it also affects user privacy. To turn off this feature, go to Account and click on the Last Seen button and make any necessary changes.

17: How to change a friend’s profile picture on WhatsApp?

Go to Contacts and copy your friend’s number, now take a photo and paste your friend’s number on it and uncheck the plus. Now paste this photo on a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture and his profile image will change.