Get Connected! What Are the Most Popular Social Media Apps?

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Did you know that in 2020, 3.96 billion people used social media? The growth of social media continues to rise. New apps come on the market, but who are the social media staples?

Over the years, we’ve seen social media apps come and go, but the most popular social media apps tend to stick. If you’re wondering what some of the most popular apps are right now, keep reading! We have you covered.

What Are the Most Popular Social Media Apps?

When you think about social media apps, a few come to mind as being the popular apps of the internet. Certain apps have been around from the beginning and don’t show any signs of slowing in popularity.

What do you think the most popular social media apps are? You might be surprised.


Facebook has been at the top social media platforms since 2004. It has grown so much over the years, even converting its super popular messenger app to its standalone piece of software.

Facebook prioritizes content, showing its users what they want to see and makes it easy to browse through pictures, videos, and other types of posts.


In 2021, Instagram surpassed the billion-user mark. It is a fun, image-sharing app that allows you to share videos, stories, and reels. Many people use it as a marketing tool, and there are even ways you can get automatic Instagram likes and other third-party tools to drive the algorithm.


This app has been around since 2011. It’s been popular among the younger generations. The idea behind its disappearing content and fun filters has been copied by countless other apps out there. Despite the copycats on the market, Snapchat has remained popular with people under thirty-four.


This messaging app has been popular for quite a few years all over the world. Though it got its start as a way for people to communicate with friends and family, businesses now use it to communicate as well. It’s easy to use, and you can share everything from photos to videos to PDFs and pretty much any kind of document you can think of.


You have likely heard of TikTok. This app has been talked about a ton over the last year or so. It’s become popular with GenZ and has become more popular with their demographic than Instagram. The algorithm and funny videos are viral, being shared constantly.

Ready to Explore the Most Popular Social Media Apps?

The list we’ve provided includes just a few of the popular social media apps in 2021. If you are intrigued by social media trends and want to read more about the most popular social media apps, you can find many new and exciting social apps on the market.

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