WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for the privacy of photos and videos

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By Admin Desk

WhatsApp, a messaging app, has introduced the ‘View Once’ feature to protect the privacy and memory of users’ photos and videos. Under the new feature, the submitted photo or video will disappear from the chat once it opens.

This means that if you want to send someone an image or information that you are not sure whether to send or not, you can do so using the View once feature. Because it will allow the person to open and view it only once.

WhatsApp founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a feature called View once in June and said it would be introduced soon, while users using the beta version have had the feature for the past month.

How to send View Once media on WhatsApp?

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap on the attachment icon.

Step 2: Then, go to Gallery and select the photo or video you want to send to your contact.

Step 3: After selecting it, you will see a clock-like icon in the ‘Add a caption’ bar, just tap on it to enable the View Once feature. Once you enable it, the app will show a message saying “Photo set to View Once.” You can then send disappearing photos to your friends and family members.