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How to choose a gas provider for home?

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Natural gas is an important utility, whether you have shifted to your new residence or renovated your kitchen. Signing up for natural gas in Australia is just as easy as filling a form. However, over the years, many natural gas providers have come into the market. Therefore, it becomes hard to contact the most genuine amongst them. This article will discuss things to consider while choosing a gas provider for you.

Usually, LPG is used for hot water, heating, barbeques, and cooking, basically in the household working. The LPG gas is stored in gas bottles and comes in various sizes and weights. The most popular household gas is a 45kg LPG bottle. However, you can contact a gas provider to purchase a gas bottle for yourself. But before moving forward, let us first put some light on why you should choose natural gas over LPG.

LPG over natural gas 

LPG requires to be pressurized & packed in a bottle; therefore, it becomes easier and safer to carry or transport than to consider the distribution network used for natural gas. Also, LPG processed gas produces more heat than natural gas. The steady heat generation is the sole reason why LPG is preferred for industrial and domestic utilization. LPG gas is cleaner fuel which makes it a more environmentally friendly energy source.

Tips for choosing a gas provider

If you are searching for the guide of a gas provider for home, keep reading further as we have shared 5 tips you should consider while signing a new contract with a new gas provider below.

End your previous contract  

If you are currently undergoing a contract with the gas marketer, you need to end that contract before signing a new one with a gas provider.

Check cancellation fee

Many contracts have an early cancellation fee, but it depends upon the moment you decide to cancel the contract. Check the cancellation fee and cancel the contract at the right time to minimise the fee.

Check rates per unit.

Look for other suppliers as well and how much they are charging per unit. We recommend you choose the lowest unit price to save the most out of it. Do not forget to consider how many units your house is consuming by referring to old electricity bills.

Choose the right company type.

There are two types of companies that deal in LPG, Default utility and Competitive supplier. Default utility is your local utility service, which maintains and provides natural gas to all its consumers within the territory. On the other hand, competitive suppliers purchase gas from the wholesale market and sell them to the consumers. If you wish to buy gas from this company, the default utility will still cover billing or conditions where you experience an outage.

Compare rate plans 

Few LPG suppliers have different rate plans; they either have fixed prices or have variable prices. Let us understand the difference between them:


Through a fixed-rate plan, you sign a contract with the supplying company. Then, through regular business with the company, you will fix one unit rate for yourself within a few months. The most beneficial thing about this contract is that you will be protected against any volatile gas prices traded in the market. Usually, the length of the contract is considered the most.


Here, rates are updated every month, depending upon what happens in the market throughout the month. For some its advantage for some, it’s not but, you will not be tied under any contract with a variable-rate plan. It allows you to switch anytime without paying any penalty amount. We recommend you wait for the price to fall and save a little extra for yourself.


These are some tips that you can utilize to choose an authentic & appropriate gas provider near you. We recommend you to check customer’s feedback, compare the prices of different gas providers and analyze the quality of service provided by them before selecting an LPG supplier. Whether you plan to have it supplied for domestic or commercial use, consider preferring LPG over other gasses. Finally, study well before indulging yourself in a contract.