Australian Permanent Residents Travelling Instructions 2021

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If you are a permanent resident of Australia or an Australian citizen then you are not allowed to leave the country due to traveling restrictions relative to covid-19. If you want to travel then you should apply online and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Traveling due to Covid-19 outbreak with provision aid
  • Traveling for business or employer
  • Travel to get urgent medical treatment which is not available in Australia
  • Traveling in national interest
  • Traveling for 3 months or more for a valid reason outside Australia
  • Travel on humanitarian grounds or compassionate

You must support your claims by providing sufficient evidence. Your requests may be finalized without further consideration if insufficient evidence is provided. You can submit the following as an evidence

  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Death certificate
  • Relationship proof
  • Give a letter of proof that you are traveling to another country on a long term basis like a job offer and evidence of goods transported
  • Australia or overseas valid visa
  • Proof letter from hospital or doctor about medical treatment with the statement that travel is necessary
  • Job proposal from the employer or give proof that you are traveling from a business point of view.
  • Evidence when you want to come back to Australia
  • Any other possible proof may you have to strengthen your claims

Australia Travelling Restriction for Temporary Visa Holders

Holders of temporary visas can leave Australia at any time when they want but they are not allowed to return to Australia due to travel restrictions. Temporary visa holders can apply any time with the following evidence:

Applicants fulfill the requirements for an individual exemption from Australia’s Inward Travel Restrictions. The applicant has a strong valid reason to leave Australia by providing evidence proof documents like

You want to go to the funeral of your closest friend or family member, visit to see them in serious conditions/ill, for business purposes, or want international medical treatments.

Temporary Visa Holders Returning Home

Coronavirus really disturbed the traveling of people internationally. Every country imposes its own travel restrictions to deal with COVId-19 in a better way. Australia has closed the doors for international people. But the people present in Australia and carry the temporary visas can leave Australia according to the travel restrictions and border allow of that country.

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Temporary visa holders do not need to worry to depart Australia. They can go back at any time, as long as border restrictions in their home countries allow them to return. Keep in mind COVID-19 situation continues to change.

You need to get information each week about

  • Availability of flights
  • Latest border restrictions

Many commercial flights are providing services from several major airports across Australia. You may also wish to find out if there are any private or government repatriation flights to your home country.


Every country changes its border traveling restrictions due to the pandemic to save the people from corona spread. If countries did not impose these restrictions then it would be tough to deal with Covid-19. Australian government steps toward travel restrictions are amazing. Govt is giving every facility to temporary visa holders and permanent resident holders according to the corona spread ground conditions.