What makes AAT, a saviour for Australian student visa applicant?

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You are an international student who applied for an Australian student visa extension. You lodged a visa application on Bridging Visa A. It has been a couple of months since you applied and were waiting for the grant. Instead, you received an email from the immigration department or Department of Home Affairs that your application for student visa Australia has been rejected or canceled.

The best option in hand is to apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a merit review. On your behalf, AAT will look into your case. It will review the department’s decision. It helps every individual whose application is canceled.

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Some points to avert student visa refusal are

* Apply to AAT 

The long wait of one month or 2-3 months resulted in a visa refusal. It was the immigration department that rejected your application. You received an email letter from them. What would you do?

It is advisable to apply to AAT and ask for a merit review. You have every right to appeal immigration department. Every visa applicant can challenge the refusal decision.

Take help from our education consultants Australia briefing you on approaching the Tribunal and representing your case.

As an applicant, you have done nothing wrong and met the eligibility criteria. Besides, you are a genuine student and did not breach any visa conditions.

At the time of applying to AAT, you will have to pay a fee of AUD 1826. It is not part of the student visa Australia cost, but you get half the sum if you win at AAT.

* Provide documentation 

The nature of your case depends if you provide sufficient documents to the AAT. These include your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) letter of the university where your studies are currently on and that you applied for a Bridging Visa A before student visa expiry. Also, show proofs that you abided to every visa condition and used to work part-time while your studies were underway.

* Address representatives as members 

You don’t have the option to argue your case as the immigration department has put your case aside. The best possible route you can think of is to approach the Tribunal representative. Try not to use titles such as Sir or Ma’am while speaking to them. But, you can address them as Members. If you try to convince them that you are a genuine student with a good academic record and attendance, it helps you win the case.

* AAT no friend of the department 

For a quick response, you should approach AAT for a complete review. The body consists of several members. It is good news for every visa applicant as AAT is no friend of the immigration authority.

If you want to appear for the hearing, you need to arrange all documents. Your case can be genuine if you have valid proof. You can win at AAT if your arguments are justified. You will not face any issue if all details provided are sufficient and explained in detail.

* Try to convince the Authority 

You have 21 days to appeal before AAT Tribunal. It comes after the immigration department, or Department of Home Affairs canceled your visa application. It is the Tribunal reviewing administrative decisions of the concerned bodies. It also looks into the merits of visa refusals.

The Tribunal in a nutshell

If you have a good track record, the AAT will protect you. The same applies if you prove your genuineness and explain that you are a lawful student who applied for the visa on time. Even though the immigration department or DHA took a wrong decision, the Tribunal can set aside a decision.


In reality, the Tribunal will look into every detail of yours, including checking your documents. You have to ensure your concerns are genuinely backed with merit.

Finally, the AAT safeguards the wellbeing of every individual by protecting his/her rights. If you face any trouble regarding a student visa, and unable to receive the grant on time, you can speak to our expert today.