How to Get Back Your Lost Snapchat Streak

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Like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, the social media site Snapchat is also used by a large number of young people for their entertainment and this site is very helpful in keeping your friends informed.

Streaks are said to continue a series and a unique type of activity called Streaks on Snapchat is the focus of users’ attention. Under which two users have to exchange a photo or video within 24 hours which keeps the streak.

Streak numbers appear next to friends’ names.

Streak numbers appear next to friends' names

However, Snapchat users often get frustrated when a long-running streak breaks down. Today we will show you how to start a broken streak back to this number.


Go to Google search bar and type and open this website.

Snapchat Support for Lost Streak

You will now see the screen shown in the picture (first picture on the left-hand side), select the Contact us option. Then choose the third option, now a small form will be given which you have to fill, just after filling it your broken streaks will start again without any loss.