5 Social Media Scheduling Tools You Should Be Using

Did you know that approximately 51% of the global population is active on social media? In the United States, the average social media user spends a little more than two hours per day on different platforms. If you use social media for personal use or as a marketing tool for your business, you know the value of these platforms.

As these statistics prove, social media helps connect you to a wider audience. This can help market your brand, product, or service.

And as social media develops, there are more opportunities. That’s why you need social media scheduling. A social media scheduling tool can take the stress out of planning your content. So, instead of using valuable time and resources to post, an automatic scheduling tool can do the work for you.

These tools add consistency and value to your platforms and help you reach social media goals. But, are you unsure what are the best social media scheduling tools? Read on to discover the top five tools you should use now.


On this platform, you can manage multiple channels in one place. Hootsuite also has one of the simplest analytical interfaces.

This allows you or your team to quickly gather data and insight on best-performing posts. Hootsuite also offers helpful blog content and tips for social media posts.


SEMrush is a popular tool you may use for SEO optimization. So, it could make sense to translate the application to social media. SEMrush is a complete digital marketing application.

SEMrush has the standard scheduling calendar where you can plan your posts. But, the application can also show you the highest-liked or ranked content. If you’re working with a digital team, this insight can help to better manage your campaign.

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a platform that your team can use to collaborate. Your entire team can have access to a client’s social media calendar. Or, you can select specific users with full access or editing capabilities.


Canva is a great social media scheduling tool for anyone who values photography. The platform allows you to link social media channels and has a built-in calendar functionality. When scheduling posts, you can use Canva’s array of filters or photo editing options to create your perfect post.


Agorapulse is a solid social media scheduling tool. One of the best features is the color-coded calendar. When you schedule social media posts, you can see all your content loaded together in this highly organized spot.

Agorapulse allows you to load posts into a special queue function. This is helpful for posts you may repeat often or content you want to show more than one time.

These Social Media Scheduling Tools Can Help Manage Your Campaign and Grow Your Channels 

If you’re searching for social media scheduling tools for 2021, these different platforms can help. Each platform has similarities but also offers specialized functionality that is dependent on your business or personal needs.

Remember, that social media scheduling platforms can help you gain valuable time. By setting aside time to use one of these platforms and schedule posts, you can free up more opportunities for other areas of your business or personal life. If you found these social media tips helpful, check out our other technology stories.

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