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Facebook New Rules 2020

Facebook, the largest social networking site, has introduced strict rules for consumers under which the user will now be banned for lifetime on violation of these new rules. Following a major scandal involving data theft of Facebook users, the company paid special attention to the issue and developed new rules, called ‘Community Standards’.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post about Community Standard that a user who violates Community Standards will be warned first and if the violation continues, the user’s profile will be closed for a lifetime. Blog written by Mark Zuckerberg suggests that if a user shares threatening content with another person, his or her information and user’s full information may be given to law enforcement.

Facebook has made it clear that sharing of violent and threatening content will not be allowed, as well as immediate action will be taken on fraudulent posts, including drug trafficking, weapons or inciting crime, and these IDs will always be Accounts will be closed for issues such as inciting public violence, inciting people to take up armed action, and law enforcement agencies will be immediately notified of the user.

The company announced that in order to protect consumers, IDs will also be turned off on the harassed person or the videos and images shared on that platform, with no real or fake account. Harassment or even attempt to spy on it would be counterproductive and such a user would not be allowed to use Facebook in any way.

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Facebook has postulated that posting hateful content, violent images or videos, posting unethical images is also against community standards, and the company has announced that the new account-creating user must now identify The purpose of this initiative is to enable each user to use the account with his or her own identity.

According to Facebook, the copyright will be alerted to any post, if any person shares the photo of another user without reference (credit) then action will also be taken against it. Now others who create content without permission will also be given a warning first, and if this error occurs again, the account will be closed.

According to the company, if a complaint is received by a government agency regarding the content posted by a user, the user’s account will be closed upon review of the request. Mark Zuckerberg’s shared blog further explains that the user’s account will also be terminated upon a parent complaint.