Facebook and Google out of the top 10 best companies for employment

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Facebook and Google out of the top 10 best companies for employment


The year 2019 proved to be a nightmare for the world’s largest technology companies, Facebook and Google, and the popularity of the two companies continued to decline. The decline in popularity is not due to their service but to the work environment.


According to a foreign website, Facebook and Google are not among the top 10 companies for employment in the United States. Experts are saying that the decline in their popularity is due to the scandals that have come up over the last few years.


In addition, Facebook and Google were not the best companies for graduates in 2019 due to data breaches and data disclosures related to data protection violations. According to Glassdoor’s listing for employers, Google ranks 11th among the top US companies and 23rd on Facebook.


The above list has seen dramatic changes this year compared to 2018. HubSpot ranks first on the list and is named the best company to hire in 2020, followed by Ben & Company at number two and Doku Sign at number three. The decline in the popularity of Google and Facebook is believed to be due to the ethical concerns raised by employees of these companies.


Just last month, more than 200 Google employees showed up against the company’s 2 employees. The protesters alleged that the men were sent on vacation because of their activism at the workplace, but the company did not provide details.


On the other hand, Facebook, ranked 7th last year, reached 23rd this time. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was issued an open letter from the public over his failure to stop false news, as well as questioning his abilities when passwords and email addresses were leaked on Facebook and Instagram.