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World Cancer day 2020

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World Cancer Day 2020 – An alarming rise in cancer cases in Pakistan

Today is the World Cancer Awareness World Day. The purpose of the day is to inform people about the dangers of the disease and to provide information on prevention and treatment.

The World Cancer Awareness Day was launched in 2005 by the Union for International Cancer Control. According to the WHO, the World Health Organization, cancer accounts for about one-eighth of all deaths worldwide.

Every year, more than 10 million people worldwide die of cancer due to various types of cancer. That number is higher than the combined deaths from AIDS, TB, and malaria. According to the UICC, by 2030, more than 30 million people worldwide will be cancerous.

Pakistan is Asia’s leading country in terms of cancer victims. Pakistan has a high rate of cancer deaths and it has the highest number of breast cancer patients. According to a careful estimate, more than forty thousand patients die each year from breast cancer. There are numerous causes of cancer. Experts say health is mainly due to mutations in genes.

Experts say that certain elements found in the diet, such as aflatoxin found in stored commodities, radioactive effects, electromagnetic rays, viral infections, air, water and food pollution, food chemicals, such as food coloring, are genetically modified. Dietary foods, smoking, drug intoxication, toxic smoke and agricultural drugs, etc. can cause cancer.

Experts say that living a non-active lifestyle is also one of the causes of cancer. By giving birth to babies under the age of 30 and breastfeeding for longer periods of time, women can reduce the risk of breast cancer.