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Due to Coronavirus Outbreak Samsung’s largest store in China also closed

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Samsung, the leading technology company, has announced the closure of its largest store in China in the wake of the rapid spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

According to a Samsung spokesperson, the company has temporarily closed its flagship store in Shanghai, China. The store is considered to be Samsung’s largest store in China, which opened in October last year, where various electronic products, smartphones, and tablets were sold. “We have decided to temporarily close our store because of security,” the company spokesman said.

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According to Chinese media, the reopening of Samsung’s store in China depends on the circumstances here. It may be recalled that Apple, previously a popular technology company, announced the closure of all its corporate offices, stores and contact centers in mainland China on February 9, while the search engine company Google also temporarily closed its office in Beijing.

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Economic loss to China

While the mysterious Coronavirus has adversely affected the lives of people in China, China has also suffered greatly economically. China is the world’s largest Internet market, while China is the largest industrial hub in the world. Due to the mysterious virus, almost all the world’s industrialists and other global companies have temporarily closed their offices in China. Which is causing economic loss as well. It is clear that more than 400 people have died from the deadly coronavirus spreading in China.

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