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Apple to close all offices and stores in China

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Apple to close all offices in China

Leading technology company Appel announces the closure of its China-based offices due to the deadly Coronavirus. According to a foreign news agency report, the deadly Coronavirus has spread to Wuhan shortly before the Chinese city, which has killed thousands of people in a very short time, after which the well-known technology company has launched its own Announced the closure of offices.

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Apple said in a statement that all offices will be closed until February 9, according to sympathy and expert health advice from victims of the Coronavirus. The technology company says the virus-causing situation in China is being closely monitored. The foreign news agency says some suppliers of Apple products are located near the virus-plagued city of Wuhan.

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To prevent the spread of the virus, the Chinese government extended the lunar year holidays this week, but in most provinces, local companies are requesting a further increase in vacations so that employees can remain confined to their homes.

It should be noted that 304 people lost their lives while suffering from coronavirus in China, while 12,000 people were affected; system life is paralyzed in different cities of China, holidays and people are restricted to homes in 14 provinces while the loss of billions of dollars to China’s economy.

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