A horrific accident in a hurry to go home, the woman lost both legs

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A horrific accident in a hurry to go home, the woman lost both legs

An elderly woman from Kazakhstan took a shortcut to get home early, which she now has to endure a lifetime of disability. According to the Daily Mail report, a 60-year-old ‘Kenzheta’ woman from Kazakhstan was passing the railway tracks to reach the house at the same time that the train came from the front and collapsed.

The train climbed onto the woman’s feet, luckily she survived, but both her legs were lost and she will now live with a compulsive disability. The doctors advised us that if the legs were not cut off then the whole body would be poisoned, we decided to save the grandmother immediately after the consultation and allowed the legs to be cut,” the woman’s grandson said.

According to the media report, the woman was running through the tracks during the snowstorm, during which time she slipped and fell on the train The woman says, ‘I tried to pull my foot but could not do it, the wheels of the train climbed on my feet, then I was not aware, when the eye was open, I was in the hospital’.

According to the woman she was returning home after shopping, she was wearing high sandals which caused her to fall on the tracks. People at the station reported the helpline immediately after the incident and the woman was taken to a hospital.