Coronavirus Cases Surpasses 1 lac Globally

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The number of victims of the fatal coronavirus that has spread from China to various countries of the world has exceeded one lac.

After appearing coronavirus cases in different countries the total number of Coronavirus infected persons surpasses 102273. This deadly virus has taken 3497 lives so far. While 57, 622 coronavirus infected persons are now fully recovered.

28 more dead in China

In China, 28 more people have been died due to coronavirus and the total deaths in china have surpasses 3000. While 99 new coronavirus cases have been reported in China. With this the total number of coronavirus infected persons in china in rises to 80,561.

41 People dead in South Korea

After China, South Korea is another country where almost 7000 plus coronavirus cases have been reported. While 41 of them have been dead.

124 dead in Iran and 197 in Italy

In Iran coronavirus is spreading rapidly it has taken almost 124 lives in Iran and more than 5000 are infected with this deadly virus. There is a total of 4636 cases has been reported in Italy and 197 death has been confirmed.

Virus reported in California ship passengers

According to an Arabic news report, in America, the new Coronavirus cases have appeared from another Grand Prince ship on the California coast. US Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that the crew and passengers of another ship, like the previous two, have been infected with the virus. He also said that it is likely that about 1150 staff members will be housed in Quarantined.

The virus has been confirmed in more than 90 countries, including Germany, France, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The World Health Organization has instructed all countries of the world to take massive security measures to prevent the Coronavirus.

According to the UN agency UNESCO, schools in 13 countries are closed due to the virus, which leaves 29 crore children out of school.

The World Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced $50 billion for the Coronavirus and $12 billion from the World Bank.