Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 3285

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The new and deadly virus COVID-19 has killed 3,286 worldwide, so far the Coronavirus has spread to 84 countries around the world. The spread of this deadly virus is not stopped yet. It is spreading rapidly. According to the reports deaths due to coronavirus could not be stopped & nor its spread. The virus has infected 95,488 people worldwide. On the other hand, the process of recovery is also underway and so far 53689 people have been recovered from the deadly virus.

In China, where the virus began to spread, casualties and new patients are gradually decreasing. So far, 3,013 people in China have died of the Coronavirus. While 80,430 people were infected with the virus. The number of people recovering has reached 52,208, but the condition of 5,952 Chinese citizens is still of concern.

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Outside China, the virus is not only spreading rapidly but the number of deaths is increasing day by day. The death toll rises to 107 in the European countries, while the total number of victims is 3,089. Virus wars continue in Iran and 92 people have died so far while 2,922 people are infected with the virus. The death toll in the US has increased and the total number has increased to 11 while 160 people have been infected with the virus. The number of virus patients in the UK has risen to 87.

The second case of Coronavirus has been reported in Saudi Arabia. The death toll was 35 in South Korea, 6 in Japan, 4 in France, 2,2 in Spain, Australia, and Hong Kong. So far only one case has been reported in about 22 countries; two cases have been reported in 5 countries, three cases in 7 countries, 4 in one country and 5 cases in Pakistan alone. There are 5 countries where 6 cases were reported.

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In Norway, I23 people have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus in 24 hours. In Oslo, 280 hospital workers have been banned from leaving and working, including 70 doctors, 70 nurses. hundreds of people have been banned from leaving home in the wake of the Coronavirus.

UNESCO says more than 13 countries have closed schools because of the Coronavirus, with the closure of schools in different countries affecting the education of 29 crore children.