School are Closed in 13 Countries

According to the UN agency UNESCO, due to the Coronavirus, schools in 13 countries around the world have been closed. According to an estimate, coronavirus has stoped 29 crore children to go to school. Virus has been spread in 80 countries. 3285 people have been died due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak and more than 95000 are infected with it.

The coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China, has killed 31 more people in China in the last 24 hours, after which the death toll has exceeded 3,000 and 139 new cases have also been reported. China has succeeded in controlling the deadly outbreak, but the virus has spread to 84 countries and killed 3,285 people worldwide, affecting more than 95 thousand and 51000  affected people are now fully recovered.

In the US, the death toll from the Coronavirus has risen to 11, while 130 are affected by this deadly coronavirus. In the UK, the number of patients infected with the virus has risen to 87. Several big companies have closed their offices due to this corona outbreak. The annual book fair of London has also been canceled due to a deadly outbreak.

The death toll from Corona in Iraq has risen to 2, with 107 dead in Italy, 92 in Iran, 4 in France, 2 in Spain and two in Australia. In Sweden, the total number of Corona-infected patients is 52 and Norway is 56.

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