Neo News Team Apologized From Marvi Sirmed

During a debate on Aurat March Khalil-Ur-Rahman abused and insulted Marvi Sirmed in a talk show on Neo News. Marvi Sirmed is a well-known feminist and she was abused by Khalil Ur Rahman.

During the bad conversation between Marvi and Khalil, the host of the show Ayesha Ehtesham tried to stop Khalil-ur-Rehman for not being rude to Marvi. Ayesha also tried to stop Marvi.

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Social media users backlash Ayesha for not doing justice. On all this incident the anchorperson Ayesha Ehtesham apologizes to viewers of her show.

She shared a tweet and said

What happened yesterday in my show was an extremely sorry state of affairs. I could not imagine things will turn out to be so rough and abusive.”

“I was completely taken aback which might have affected my ability to condemn abusive/sexist remarks there and then,” she added.

The director of Neo news Nasrullah Malik also apologized to Marvi Sirmed. He said that we condemn the behavior of Khalil-ur-Rahman Qamar.

Please accept my sincere apology on the incident which happened today on our screen. Being Head of NEO NEWS I am extremely sorry for that and strict action will be taken. We condemn the behaviour of Khalil Qamar.

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