Case filed for Banning Aurat March in Pakistan

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What’s your though is it a good move?

Only a couple of days back, Judicial Activism Council Chairman Azhar Siddique documented a request to ban the Aurat March in Pakistan. Lahore High court is now willing to hear the petition of ban Aurat March.

Aurat March is a movement that calls for women empowerment. In this regard, Lahore High Court calls additional director cybercrime wing of federal investigation agency and deputy general operations on 27th February. Azhar Siddique has filled the petition to ban Aurat March in Pakistan. He claims that the Aurat March is a foreign ploy.

“There are various anti-state parties present who are funding this Aurat March with the sole purpose of spreading anarchy amongst the masses”.

He objects on some of the play cards that were held at the march. Azhar has said that this march is against the norms of Islam. He also said that it is a secret agenda to open out anarchy, vulgarism, and hate.

 “During last year’s Aurat March, women were holding placards that had objectionable messages.”

Aurat March 2020

The Aurat March is composed around each International Women’s Day yearly. This year the Aurat March is planned for March eighth.

In the previous Aurat March women from all Pakistan came together to participate in the march. This included ladies from varying backgrounds from the older, and housewives to wage laborers, and salaried specialists.

At first, what started as mocking the Aurat March via web-based networking media prompted doctored pictures of notices at the walk. This falsehood further blended the pot.

What started with a stream of remarks on Twitter and Facebook, heightened rapidly. Notwithstanding the individuals who are disparaging mottos like ‘khana khud garam krlo’, ‘chai khud bna lo’, it is likewise a reality that they mirror a portion of the genuine circumstances that actuate savagery against ladies.