Beautiful Traditional Irish Wedding Gift Ideas

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During the peak wedding season the demand for gifts takes a leap. Weddings in Ireland happen in diverse styles as the couples have a lot of preferences and beliefs. The mood of weddings has changed from traditional to modern but still

A lot of traditional elements are still incorporated in these modern weddings.

Irrespective of the fact that whether the wedding is traditional or modern the one thing that is included in Irish weddings, it’s a celebration that involves the community.  All who come to attend the wedding feel happy for the couple and where giving gifts also plays an important part.

There are so many options available when it comes to selecting a gift but what really makes the difference is what kind of relationship you share with the couple or their family.  Though, a good wedding gift needs to be practical as well as personal, and if it has the touch of the Irish culture and tradition nothing can be better than that. In addition to that, personalized wedding gifts is the new talk of the town and it is something that makes the couple feel even more special as a lot of time and effort is involved in thinking about it and finally making it a reality before it goes to the bride and the groom.

Here are Some Irish wedding gifts ideas

Here are the 07 best Irish traditional gift ideas for newlyweds:

1: An Irish Silver Handcrafted Coin

The tradition of giving a coin goes back to many many years when the groom used to pay money called ‘luck money’ to the bride’s family. It is believed that this custom brings happiness and blessings upon them.

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You can reinvent the idea of the gift by giving a traditional Irish silver handcrafted wedding coin that has the name of the bride and groom engraved in it. It can also be customized with a beautiful message like ‘love forever’ or ‘together forever’  engraved on it to make the couple feel special. This is the one of the best Irish wedding gifts ideas.

2: Celtic Jewelry Made by Craftspeople

Thinking about a beautiful gift that can make the couple’s day then the Celtic jewelry has no equal. This is a wonderful and very traditional wedding gift in Irish culture. It is handmade jewellery made by the Irish craftspeople and they make it look beautiful by incorporating intricate Celtic symbols and patterns. It can include a brooch for both the bride and the groom.

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Apart from that,  you could go for a stylish and graceful tie-pin or a set of Celtic cufflinks for the groom. In the same manner the bride would look beautiful For the bride in a set of beautiful Celtic earrings, a bracelet,  bangle or a simple Celtic cross to wear in a chain. But to go beyond that you can buy a beautiful Claddagh ring that symbolizes love, loyalty, and lifelong friendship in either silver, gold, or white gold.

3: Sparkling Irish Crystal

Irish crystal is known for its shine and beauty all over the world. The marvelous piece of beauty shines through a decorative bowl, decanter, or a set of glasses. With the change in trends people prefer gifting a decanter set, a set of wine glasses or whiskey tumblers, or a lamp or glass bowl that is both useful and looks mesmerizing. To give it a more personalized feel the crystal can be engraved with the names of the couple with a special message.

4: A classic teapot

Ireland is well known for its extremely strong tea culture that is inseparable from Ireland. The Irish are considered as the biggest lover of tea in the world. If you are a guest in an Irish family then the tea has to be there to welcome you. Thus, gifting a classic and traditional Teapot can be a good idea as it is also associated with friendship, comfort, and joy. This is why, a classic teapot that features Irish symbols like harps, seashells, and shamrocks, which gives an aesthetic experience, makes for a lovely gift that will be loved and welcomed.

5: An Irish Aran Blanket

Ireland is also a known name in the world of textiles and fabrics. Aran stitches is Ireland baby which is actually a knitting pattern originated from an Irish village by the fishermen. Moreover, Ireland is also a top producer of Merino wool that is better than any standard wool and falls heavily on the pocket.

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It is an ultra-soft fabric that’s known to be very fine and comfortable but is best known to adjust to body temperature, so that the wearer feels warm during winter and cools down during summer. The rare combination of Merino wool and Aran stitches that is seen across sweaters, scarves, and blankets. A thoughtful gift to keep the love and the warmth of the newlywed intact.

6: An Irish wedding Chalice

If we go back to the Irish culture then a wedding cup or better-called Chalice comes out of the Irish roots. It becomes significant and grabs all the spotlight because after the wedding the married couple has their first drink from it together. It symbolizes their union and the coming together of the bride and the groom’s families. You can make it more personalized by getting a sweet message, a beautiful quote, or the names of the couple engraved on it. It is also a best Irish wedding gifts ideas.

7: An Irish Marriage Blessing Plate

Plates are considered as the most traditional, preferred and sought after gifts irrespective of what culture you belong to. In particular, decorative plates serve the dual purpose as they’re not only great as decorative pieces but can also be used to dine on. For an Irish wedding, you can gift a set of decorative plates or the one that comes with an Irish blessing that is always heartwarming that has the sweetest message for the couple wishing them happiness and love always.

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Giving a traditional Irish gift to a couple whose love of Irish culture will always appreciate it as It will stay with them for years to come.  A thoughtful gift brings a  smile to people’s faces and also gives them plenty of joy.