Best Beverages to serve at your Wedding Reception

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By John Wick

So finally your wedding day has arrived and you have made the best possible arrangements. Well even if you prepare too long for everything there is something that people are always going to comment on and you can’t help it and so the next best thing to do is just focus on your preparations. The venue, jewelry wedding gown, flowers and eatables for your reception are all the most important things that you need at a wedding.

But the most important of them is what you guests would do while you walk the aisle, of course, they would be admiring you, but do you have a thought that it would be a great idea to have some beverages and snacks served to the guests while the ceremony would take place? And if you cannot think of any beverages and snacks than you can always order online cake delivery in Bangalore. So cakes for a before the ceremony and flowers to greet your guests. Let’s see what can be the best snacks and beverages for your wedding or marriage –

Beverages to serve at your Wedding Reception

 1) Muffins

Let’s just say that we all love looking at muffins kept amongst fresh flowers. Muffins are a great snack to start your wedding and they are something sweet as well. So when you walk down the aisle your guests can pick up muffins or it can be distributed to them and we can enjoy the amazing taste of muffins while you get married.

2) Old Fashioned

Well, we all know that a wedding reception begins with cocktails but how about if you make it begin with cocktails. The best of those cocktails is Old Fashioned. Like you can have an online cake and flowers delivery in Ahmadabad or any other city. Similarly, you can place an order to get cocktails at the beginning of your wedding.

3) Cookies

We all love eating cookies with milk or just alone in me – time. And at the beginning of your marriage, you can give your gas a few cookies wrapped in a tissue or brown paper that they can cheat you with while they are getting married. Cake Delivery in Bangalore is very easily available. These bakeries who sell cakes also sell cookies so you can buy these in bulk online and serve it to your guests.

4) Fresh Fruits

We all love eating fruits in the morning. And if your wedding is scheduled to be in the morning or nearby afternoon then the best thing is to start your ceremony and as long as everyone is sitting down you can serve your guests some fresh fruits that they can eat while the setup and you are walking down the aisle. Or these fresh fruits can be placed next to fresh flowers on a table from their guests who can pick a plate themselves.

5) Pizza Bites

Pizza bite is yet another amazing thing that people would want to just grab while your ceremony starts. And what sure these pizza bites would be the talk of the town and every bride from there would want to include in her wedding. After all, it’s something really sweet that you can do for your hungry guests. The bakeries who make an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or any city can make these pizza bites for you.

6) Sunrise Cocktail with Tequila

Sunrise cocktail is made up of pineapple, orange juice, and tequila. This cocktail is idle if you are having a beach wedding and so before the waiting, your guess can start getting drunk the beach style.  It will be amazing to keep the drinks aside with fresh flowers next to them and as your guests are scheduled to arrive they can pick up a drink.

7) Mojito

A mojito is a great option if you are having a summer wedding then you will have to start in the morning or maybe even in the afternoon when you are having your wedding you can begin the ceremony and meanwhile, the guests can enjoy a sip of fresh Mojito’s. Write to us more about the wedding invitation.