Why do you need Managed Magento hosting, & what does it perform?

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A successful Magento store has to be quick, agile, & able to manage traffic surges while maintaining the highest level of protection.

You will necessitate a better framework that complies with special Magento hosting needs since Magento doesn’t offer web hosting.

A server with the necessary & properly installed technologies is necessary for a good Magento hosting environment.

There are several hosting options that may satisfy these needs, including:

  1. Hosting which is shared
  2. Dedicated Hosting
  3. Hosting for virtual private servers
  4. Online Hosting

You must choose between Managed Magento hosting and a Do-It-Yourself approach when selecting the ideal hosting package for Magento.

A Do-It-Yourself approach can soon accumulate, requiring additional time, effort, & capital as the Magento business ramps up.

Companies frequently neglect to install & set up the essential components.

Upgrades, daily backups, server administration, & protection will all be your duty if a managed hosting company is not there.

Although if all of these standards are met, you’ll still need a crew that is on call 24 hours a day to provide technical support.

The greatest hosting choice for your company is managed hosting, which will be examined in this article.

A successful Magento is what- it has to be quick, and elegant and should have to manage the traffic surge. Selecting the lowest cost right blazing fast magento web hosting platform for your website is significant part. Along with it has to maintain the highest level of protection.

What really is Managed Hosting for Magento?

What really is Managed Hosting for Magento?

With managed Magento hosting, the server & application management is handled by the Magento hosting company.

This managed hosting company will take care of the servers & handle all activities required to maintain the business operating in addition to providing you with a server.

The primary 3 backend components are combined in managed hosting for Magento:

  1. Understanding the application
  2. Having knowledge of server setups (performance, security, backups)
  3. Experience & understanding of the cloud

Here, the technical specialists are always working in the background to make sure the site functions properly even when the company adds more goods, introduces new features, and gets more visitors.

Durability, efficiency, privacy, & migration are all included with managed hosting for Magento.

Outstanding characteristics of Managed Magento hosting:

  1. Transfer of current shopping cart
  2. Hourly complete backups
  3. patches & server-side security fixes
  4. Cache administration
  5. Constant observation
  6. Database Administration
  7. Application-level customer service
  8. Development Environment
  9. Certificates for compliance & security
  10. Firewall & data encryption

By outsourcing these activities, you may expand your Magento business effectively without having to worry about the technical aspects of ongoing upkeep.

In addition to each of these offerings, managed hosting has a number of advantages that enhance Magento administration.

To install magneto here is the helpful video.

Here are some of the main advantages of managed hosting with Magento:

Benefits of Fully Managed Hosting for Magento

Professional Application Support

While hosting one Magento shop, a number of things might go wrong.

Misconfigured servers, deactivated cache, an excessive number of third-party applications, lack of integration, etc. may all be daunting & unpleasant.

With the managed hosting solution, you may get qualified assistance in managing the Magento architecture.

Your demands will be taken into account while the online shop is customized by a skilled Magento team.

They can construct the Magento web stack, established web servers, firewalls, and SSL certificates, as well as the Varnish & Redis caching systems, among other things.

In the event of any unforeseen problems, the managed hosting service will locate the precise problem & efficiently provide competent remedies.

Operational assistance

With managed hosting, most operating & maintenance tasks are left in the hands of professionals to ensure that the Magento platform is safe & efficient.

By server managers addressing maintenance problems more quickly, it offers total operational dependability.

Users will have the responsibility of managing every part of Magento’s technical aspects if managed hosting is not used. It can increase the overall workload in some way.

By removing backend responsibilities from your to-do list, managed hosting provides you with additional time & a sense of security so you can concentrate on your company.

You also get more tools for improved operations, including:

  1. Logging administration
  2. Varnish Cache
  3. Firewall for Web Applications


The servers’ health is continuously monitored to guarantee great performance. Additionally, it aids in proactively identifying & resolving problems.

Using only a unified dashboard on a robust control panel, users can obtain comprehensive transparency of multiple metrics like CPU use, RAM, storage space, & bandwidth.

In order to examine & investigate big data logs enabling real-time monitoring & troubleshooting, managed hosting provides great log management approaches.


Cyberattacks on e-commerce sites may cause significant financial harm, significant data leaks, & brand harm.

In late 2020, a “Cardbleed” hack that severely exposed customer payment information affected approximately 2806 Magento 1 shops.

There are a number of security risks with Magento to be aware of:

  1. Ransomware & malware
  2. Phishing
  3. injection of SQL
  4. E-skimming
  5. Site-to-site scripting (XSS)
  6. Spam & sluggish traffic

Through frequent updating, and vulnerability checks, including server-side security fixes, managed hosting enhances defenses and places Magento security as a top priority.

Getting the proper security personnel is “very tough,” as per 79% of respondents in VMWare’s Carbon Black 2020 Cybersecurity Outlook research.

About 80% of respondents said they have raised security spending to guard against intrusions.

Managed Magento hosting services provide sophisticated security requirements with dependable & highly efficient security measures.

When you choose managed hosting for Magento, the shop will be fully protected against any harmful assaults by highly qualified Magento security professionals.

Performance & Enhancement

Bounce rates, conversion rates, & customer commitment are all impacted by page load speed.

A Radware real-world example shows how an extra two seconds for a page to load in a transaction led to disengagement rates of 87%.

Although the Magento e-commerce system is very configurable, installing unused extensions and using subpar cache management may slow down your site.

The server & application optimization tasks for Magento are typically managed by managed service operators.


An effective Magento store must be scalable, but it also needs to have a flexible system & strategy. You really do not want the Magento website to go down when traffic is heavy.

Managed hosting systems allow businesses to grow internationally while maintaining essential compliance & availability.

You can develop your company intelligently & plan successfully for traffic surges thanks to auto-scalings.

Using established settings, it is a great procedure to automatically upscale / scale down resources inside a threshold.

Managed hosting services will help build a solid Magento architecture so that you may grow your business safely.

Shorten the time & save money

It may not be as economical in the long term to host a Magento site solely on your own.

By recruiting internal workers or choosing pricey hourly services, you can wind up having to pay for full-time technical assistance.

As a result, subscribed managed hosting for Magento seems to be more affordable since it includes a variety of managed Magento services as well as a staff of professionals who are ready to assist you whenever you need it.

You may get in touch with the managed hosting company if you need extra technical support to address problems quickly & affordably.

While choosing unmanaged hosting can ultimately result in more economic losses because of downtime.

By not opting for managed hosting, you may save money now, but you’d subsequently lose out on a lot of investments & chances.

A Cloud Data Center’s global architecture

With its wealth of features, Magento open-source is a system on which you can create dozens of different types of merchandise & alter sales funnels to increase conversion rates.

To prevent a sluggish e-commerce platform plus increased functions & extensions, you would also require a versatile & robust infrastructure.

The most recent hosting technologies are accessible via managed hosting, which is affordable & supports global scaling.

Possessing a worldwide infrastructure includes you are constantly prepared to offer your clients the finest services wherever in the globe.

You just do not desire your company site to be sluggish, slow, or inaccessible on occasions including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which have a significant impact on e-commerce income.

With the help of the cloud platform, you may reach customers anywhere in the world as well as provide them with a highly efficient e-commerce site.

The most recent hosting technologies

When you run Magento on the AWS Cloud, you’ll have access to features like:

  1. Relational Database Service from Amazon (AWS RDS)
  2. Web Application Firewall from AWS
  3. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

By switching to new technology, you can maintain your Magento website safely & very effectively, providing you an advantage over rival businesses.

Unmanaged hosting: What is it?

Hosting that is not managed enables you to fully own & manage the servers.

You are in charge of operations, safety, setup, & management duties.

To host a Magento website entirely on your own, you’ll need to:

  1. In-depth understanding & proficiency with Magento
  2. Creating an architecture specifically for Magento
  3. Frequently applying security patches & server-side updates
  4. ongoing resource monitoring
  5. Conformity & PCI accreditation
  6. Rollbacks & backups
  7. Handling every problem by yourself
  8. Constructing a catastrophe escalation plan

Unmanaged hosting plans may lure you with their lower cost, but you might quickly realize how much money is lost with each outage.

Let’s examine some of the main differences between managed & unmanaged hosting for Magento in more detail.

Categories Managed Hosting Unmanaged Hosting
Access and Control Servers are under the management of Magento experts. You get complete root access and authority.
Installations and Setup. Each setup and configuration will be carried out by a professional.

A managed migration ensures a hassle-free transfer of your Magento store.

The Magento framework will be installed from scratch.

Without previous Magento expertise, a migration might lead to data loss.

Security. The hosting company will take care of all of your Magento security requirements.


Regular vulnerability checks, fixes, and threat detection are performed by hosting providers.

Security will be your responsibility to handle on your own.


To protect your Magento shop, you may need to hire a security specialist.

Performance and Uptime. One focus of managed hosting services is Magento optimization.


They will strive to provide quicker page loads and ongoing site availability.

If you don’t adequately optimize your Magento shop, there may be slow performance and downtime.
Control Panel. A server control panel will be added by the managed hosting services. There is no provided server control panel.
Updates, Backups, and Restorations. Regular upgrades, automatic backups, and data restoration are carried out by specialized system administrators. You will oversee operational activities such as data recovery in the event of losses, upgrades, and backups.
Technical Support Managed hosting services provide technical assistance for your Magento hosting 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Technical know-how or expensive hourly assistance are necessary for unmanaged hosting.
Efficiency and Productivity. It allows you to host your Magento shop more effectively and saves you time. Keeping the lights on for your Magento shop takes a lot of time and work.
Scaling. For simple and safe worldwide scalability, a Magento hosting business offers adaptable infrastructure and predetermined standards. It would be necessary to be able to manage and adjust the Magento architecture in order to scale in various locations.
Monitoring and Server Maintenance. Obtain ongoing maintenance and monitoring.


The support staff is always on hand to rapidly handle any concerns.

For healthy servers and a seamless hosting experience, you will need full-time monitoring assistance.
Costs. Recurrent costs.

No extra charges.


In comparison to employing a fixed system admin, the expenses are 50 times cheaper.


In the long term, it is more economical.

There are no ongoing costs.


Additional management expenses will be needed.


long-term expenditures if you lack technological knowledge.


Successful e-commerce companies are always growing & incorporating new technology.

A complicated backend workload for Magento hosting has a big impact on the speed & security of websites.

A pragmatic & secure way to get rid of the concerns associated with managing your Magento shop is to assign these chores to a managed service Magento hosting company.

You can concentrate on expanding your online store using managed Magento hosting.