Best Rolex Watches to Invest In

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By Kaleem Ullah

Timekeeping is an important part of any job. The thing is, most employers don’t allow workers to have phones on their person. That’s where watches come in handy. 

They provide a simple way to tell time without being as distracting as a smartphone. They’re also a stylish symbol. Wearing one to a job interview will make you appear more responsible.

As far as status goes, there’s no watch name that’s quite as famous as Rolex. The best Rolex watches are stylish and can act as a valuable family heirloom that you can pass down to future generations. 

Check out this guide to learn what the number one options are when it comes to function and style. 


First up on the list is the Submariner. As the name suggests, this watch is made with active wearers in mind. 

It’s a durable model that can withstand 300-meter-deep waters. It comes with an attractive black watch face with illuminated white numbers that are easy to see in the dark. 

Since the Submariner is both fashionable and functional, they are highly sought-after. You may have a difficult time getting your hands on the stainless steel model. 

GMT Master II

The GMT Master is for pilots who have to keep track of several time zones as part of their job. It’s a watch that’s big on interesting color combinations. 

The red and blue “Pepsi” colorway option is sold out almost anywhere you go. You may have better luck with the blue and black “Batman” version of the GMT. 


Whatever kind of need you have, a Rolex Datejust can meet it. This watch is a nice cross between sporty and dressy.

You can wear it out on a surfing trip and turn around and show it off at a wedding or job interview the same day. 

Cosmograph Daytona

The Daytona was the first Rolex to feature a ceramic bezel. The collection has been pretty much the same for over a decade, but that hasn’t detoured buyers. 

This model remains Rolex’s most popular. It’s consistently sold out, so if you want one, you may have to go on a waiting list. 


If you’re a diver, this is the watch for you. It can withstand higher pressures than even the Submariner. 

You can take this watch 4,000 feet below the surface. On the outside, the Sea-Dweller doesn’t look too much different than the Sub. The difference is on the inside.

In order for the watch to withstand higher water pressures, Rolex had to completely re-engineer the casing. 

Choosing the Best Rolex Watches 

Sporting one of the best Rolex watches won’t only help keep you trendy. It can give you an edge during a job interview. Nothing screams professionalism quite like a Rolex. 

These watches aren’t only gorgeous to look at. They’re also functional. No matter if you’re a diver, runner, or airplane pilot, there’s a Rolex for you. 

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