Top Cloud Backup Services in 2022

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The best cloud storage solutions can help you avoid catastrophic data loss. Each service regularly copies your data from your computer (or multiple computers) to remote cloud storage servers that can be accessed from anywhere you can access online.

This is a must-have because you can’t rely on local backup drives to always protect your data. An external backup drive attached to your PC, or as a stand-alone backup device in your home network, maybe the victim of similar floods, fires, or burglars that leave your computer, leaving you with nothing.

Recognizing this, many businesses and other businesses rely on “off-site” copies to reduce the risk of physical disaster. Cloud backup services offer this same peace of mind to consumers. Here’s more about the efficiency of cloud services against solid external drives as backup solutions.

Each of the cloud backup services we reviewed – Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office / True Image, Backblaze, Carbonite Safe, CrashPlan for Small Business, Personal Drive, and SpiderOak One – uses standard sector encryption on their servers to protect your data.

Each service also allows you to encrypt your data with your private key. But if you lose that key, the service may not be able to help you recover your data.

Some cloud storage applications allow you to backup files and applications of the operating system, while others back up your smartphones and tablets. Most can make a backup copy of files to a local drive, and some even let you share files with other people or provide file syncing or storage functions.

Because recovering terabytes of lost data may take days, some of these services will send you a hard drive with your recovered data to save time. (Drive also allows you to “install” the first backup on the other side.)

But while some of these services back up an unlimited number of devices, and some offer you unlimited internet storage, none of you offer unlimited space with an unlimited number of devices for one flat price. That would be too good to be true.

Some of the software can perform cloud to cloud transfer of data, so you will be able to move your files across multiple cloud storage.

Lastly, Cloud backup services are not always the same as cloud-based file synchronization services such as Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. And they are not the same as file storage services like Amazon Glacier. We explain the differences between these sections at the end of this purchase guide.

After hours of search, we are here with a tool that you can use when you need a cloud storage service. This cloud storage service named “CBackup” offers the best cloud storage services to its users at very affordable pricing packages.


When it comes to finding the right service for backing up all your precious data, trust in a professional organization you know will provide you with top-notch services. CBackup is just such an institution and offers everything you need to put your mind at rest about this most crucial aspect of daily life information. Unlike many other cloud storage services that only give a trial period of 15 to 30 days to use the software freely, CBBackup offers a free, permanent cloud backup system.

CBackup uses the 256-bit AES Encryption method to ensure the security of your data while transferring. And the software uses OAuth to make sure to its customer that it never stores the login details of users when adding clouds to the backup software.

CBupup already meets the GDPR’s requirements for ensuring the privacy and security of your data. The software never processes user data without a specific purpose.

You do not need to spend big bucks to make a backup copy of your memories and files in the cloud. CBBackup allows you to combine multiple cloud storage resources into one large, unlimited, cloud-based environment. You do not have to pay to purchase storage to make a backup copy of important data.

Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage, so you can easily get 45GB of backup storage when you add 3 Google Drive accounts to CBackup. OneDrive and Dropbox are also supported. Backup and sync are available to protect your data from loss. Even if your computer crashes or you delete data by mistake, your important data will still be safe.

The software has the following highlighting features:

  • PC to Cloud Backup
  • Cloud to Cloud Backup
  • Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Real-time Sync to Cloud
  • Backup Storage Scheme
  • Flexible Data Recovery