What Is an Internship?


After completing a degree many young people 2/3 years do nothing but just wait for a job, they do not pursue an internship. They think that their life will be successful only if they get a job after graduation. So they waste their free time waiting for a job, and don’t use it properly.

Over time, their chances of getting a good job become limited and diminished because it has been a long time since the degree was completed but there is no practical work experience on the CV.

Public recruitment through tests does not require much experience, as it only tests the qualifications, but in the private sector, along with the qualifications, experience is highly valued. In the private sector, experience and expertise are more important than higher education grades.

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In this article we have tried to give you some basic information about the internship, why it is needed, and what are its benefits.

Why Internship?

Experience is necessary to do a job well in any field in practical life and the saying about experience is one hundred percent true that “there is no shortcut to gaining experience”.

When students complete their education and step into practical life, they do not know how to work according to the industry. There are many reasons why the curriculum is always behind the industry and is not updated in a timely manner (this is a global problem).

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Not doing practical work due to inadequate facilities in educational institutions (this is our national problem), while the curriculum sometimes teaches a lot of unnecessary things to fulfill credit hours which are of no particular use in practical life.

It takes at least three months to a year to understand any market. There are many educational fields in Pakistan in which internship is an integral part of the course, such as medical, advocacy, chartered accountancy, etc.

Most of the students in these departments are required to do one more year internship after their degree and they are allowed to work or practice only after completing the internship. Students who work after the internship are generally seen to progress faster.

Benefits of Internship

There are many benefits to internships, but it is not possible to cover all of them in one short article, so only a few short notes are available.

Factual awareness

In Pakistan, when young people step into practical life. So they have completed 14 to 18 years of education and most of them are now between 20 and 25 years old.

They live in an imaginary world before the beginning of practical life. The sketches of the world in their minds are usually far from reality. For example, they think that I have completed this great degree/course from a very reputed rural educational institution, my educational record is also very excellent. So now I will select the company nor will companies select me.

But when they start internships, they realize that not all the dreams that the management of the educational institutions showed them at the time of admission can come true.

The unemployment rate in the market is very high, it is not possible for everyone to get a good job, only good education and good grades are not enough for a good job, education, and training of the skills that are highly valued in the market I was not involved.

Market awareness

There is some information about each field that does not appear in the media, nor is it included in the curriculum, but you can get this information only by visiting this field.

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Which company takes more care of its employees, which company does not pay salaries and other benefits on time, and so on? An internship allows you to know all of these things in advance, which saves you a lot of valuable time in the future and increases your decision-making ability.

Better future planning

During the internship, you also find out which field has the most job opportunities, or what kind of people in the market are given more compensation and benefits.

Also, what skills do you lack at the moment, what courses or skills are required to succeed in this field, or how bright the future of the degree or skill you have. You can find out all this only by doing an internship in the market. You can never get an accurate idea of ​​these things in an educational institution or sitting at home with friends.

Getting a job is easy

The movement of employees in the private sector usually continues throughout the year. This is because seniors leave one company for another for better pay, benefits, and a higher position. In such cases, the management usually promotes a junior to a senior in the company instead of a new senior, and the internship is given a job in the junior seat.

The main reason for this is that it takes some time for the newcomer to understand and work according to the company’s environment and procedures while who is on an internship is already familiar with the company’s working methods. So in case of an internship, you can easily get a permanent job in a good company, otherwise, there is fierce competition between many candidates for one job.

Do I get paid during the internship?

During the internship, a monthly stipend is given instead of a salary, but in many places in Pakistan, the stipend is very low. So much so that it barely pays for lunch and office commute, whereas in most companies it is clearly stated.

“There is no salary/stipend cycle during the internship.”

In this regard, the owners are of the opinion that they are inexperienced people, they do not perform any services or useful work during the internship which is salable, so they cannot be compensated. To some extent, this position is correct because the market only compensates for the skills that the company can sell and make a profit.

However, one should not worry too much about the salary issue during the internship. No worries if your scholarship is low or non-existent, but you are getting job learning opportunities.

As soon as the company or owners are satisfied with your performance, they will definitely start paying you according to your work. Conversely, even if for some reason you do not receive reasonable compensation, the experience you are gaining is invaluable. Thanks to this experience and connections you can earn a lot of profit in the next life.

Is it easy to get an internship?

The unemployment rate in Pakistan’s job market is very high. Universities are awarding degrees to thousands of students every year, but only a few of them get jobs according to their education. Getting a job or an internship is not easy, especially within good companies.

Every company management wants to find an experienced person so that it does not take much time and energy to train. For an experienced person, even if they have to pay a higher salary and benefits, the administration is ready for it.

In the private sector, young people are usually not directly recruited for large posts, while in our country, most of the small and medium-sized Pakistani companies do not even offer internship programs, which prevents the newcomer from learning the job.

Difficulties during the internship

There are a lot of difficulties during the internship. The corporate environment is very different from the educational and home environment. There are good people and bad people. Professional jealousy, dragging one’s feet, complaining, misbehaving, giving wrong advice, all these diseases are common in our offices and workplaces.

It has often been observed that as soon as a new person enters the office, the senior begins to feel threatened by his seat. The attitude of seniors is usually not kind and in many places seniors try to make juniors hate work instead of learning the job.

  • “Where did you come to work? Our whole life was ruined in this company.”
  • “Whether you do another job, or look for a government job, this company is not good.”
  • “Get out of here as soon as you can, there’s no future.”

Many companies also hire interns as office boys. I myself have seen graduates in many offices making tea, fetching large bottles of water, cleaning the office.


After completing your education, if for some reason you are not getting a job, you should not sit idle. An internship or any other form must be associated with your field so that your working abilities continue to increase.

And whenever a good job is advertised, you already have the skills and experience required for it.

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