What is the salary of Apple owner and general employee?

What is the salary of Apple owner and general employee?

Tim Cook, the head of the American technology company Apple, made just over $10 million (about $1 billion 79 billion) in salary payments last year. According to a report submitted by Apple to the US Security and Exchange Commission, Tim Cook made $3 million in basic pay last year, while other benefits he received were estimated at $ 77 million.


According to the report, Tim Cook’s salary was $155,556 466 in total. Last year, Kick earned $ 4 million less than in 2018 because he earned more than $ 1.5 million in salary in 2018. However, Cook’s earnings do not include the stock market awards in 2019, which is more than $ 11 million annually.


Appleman’s other officers’ base salaries are also close to $1 million annually, and they receive another two million to 200 million dollars in stock shares and privileges. The average salary of all Apple officers working in the company is $ 57,956 more than the average salary of other employees.

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