The use of sweeteners can weaken the immune system

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New research has found that too much sugar or natural sweeteners in the diet can weaken the immune system and cause a number of diseases. According to medical and dieticians, natural sweeteners, such as fructose, are found mostly in sweet drinks, sweet foods, and processed foods. Excessive consumption of these foods weakens the human body’s immune system against diseases and humans are prone to various diseases.

According to a report published in the Journal of Nature Communication, a London-based public health journal, fructose, a component of natural sweeteners, including processed foods, is extremely harmful to human health. Overuse increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, liver damage, and enlargement.

According to experts, the consumption of fructose-rich foods also increases the risk of inflammation in the body, swelling or inflammation in the organs of the body is one of the dangerous health symptoms.

According to researchers, inflammation causes human cells to break down, leading to a number of diseases. Research has revealed that sweet drinks and processed foods are the most dangerous and harmful to human health, according to a new study on sweetness.