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Alike off-page SEO, on-page SEO can help eCommerce websites rank high by driving more traffic, engaging users, and convert potential leads. More than 50% of marketing executives believe that on-page SEO development is the most effective tactic for ranking high in search engines.

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Users often search their queries on Google to make an informed buying decision by reading reviews, comparing features and prices, and exploring tips. Hence, if your website is not visible in search engines despite being excellent in off-page SEO, it’s time to work on on-page SEO or eCommerce SEO to prevent losing out your profits.

On-Page SEO Tricks For eCommerce Site

In this post, I am going to discuss some most significant promoting tricks to accelerate on-page SEO & get valuable organic leads on your eCommerce website by converting visitors’ into customers.

1: Keyword Research & Optimization

If you want higher-visibility and you want people to find you then use the right keywords. Place most prominent keywords everywhere, including headers, titles, paragraph copies, alt text, product descriptions, media tags, and even in URLs.

However, in a range of variations, it is better to avoid necessary keyword stuffing and provide your clients with useful content. Update all time to time so that you don’t appear suspicious to search engines as more than 60% online experience starts from there.

2: Meta Title & Description

Description and Meta title both are précised yet essential factors for on-page SEO. They foster exposure as users analyze them while clicking on similar search results.

Thus, keep them as a brief summary of your subject or a page is all about. Make them appealing enough that people want to visit your page for further exploration.

Rank the following blog seo elements in terms of importance

3: H Tags

Header tags are essential to building the structure of your content. People visit product pages and blogs and first analyze headers to decide if the site is worthy of attention or not.

Moreover, search engines give more worth to the headers than the context. Thus, always reflect your idea of textual contrast by, including the most relevant keywords in the headings.

4: Blog

Blogs are the best source to deliver valuable information to prospects to build strong relationships and gain their trust and loyalty. You can easily incorporate both short-tail and long-tail keywords to get traffic from search engines.

Keywords length in words vs monthly search

Include vital queries and their answers, along with how to do tips to engage audiences. Also, add attractive visuals to enhance the appeal of your content. Interlink your pages and avoid any errors to prevent misleading users.

You may also take professional dissertation assistance for your content. Lastly, update regularly with the state-of-the-art information of your products and their benefits.

5: Product Pages & Category Pages

Before designing product pages, please keep in mind that there are people who are going to buy your products, not search engines. However, search engines are going to take your products in front of your customers. Thus you have to optimize your product page primarily to satisfy user’s needs and reduce bounce rates.

Design your page with a clear call to action along with visible features and benefits. Consider removing out of stock products to prevent lowering your ranking. Compare your site’s index pages with Google console and make sure to keep them open for indexing.

Moreover, skipping on the category page can reduce conversions and click through rates. It is better to categorize products to help users and Google find specific goods at ease.

6: Images

Optimizing images is a smart investment to improve page appeal and speed. Get a perfect format and compress your images for enhanced page loading speed.

Design them in a way that they awake emotions and intent to purchase by presenting the best aspect of your products. Also, include alt text surrounding the image with keywords to help appearing in searches.

7: Video

Videos are vital to any eCommerce site’s on-page SEO and topmost strategy as they help to grab the attention of users. It is best to produce the smallest possible size by uploading them in mp4 formats.

Also, select the video’s size by keeping the responsiveness of site for local search in mind. Also, you can upload them on public forms like Vimeo or Youtube and then share them to your respective pages to prevent site hanging. Make sure to tag it correctly with the desired keyword.

Video Seo Statics

8: Reviews

More than 90% of buyers trust online reviews as much as they trust them from a friend. Therefore, posting favorable reviews on your product pages can get you better ROI.

Moreover, negative comments are also essential if they are in control. Honestly, every product has pros and cons, and the absence of critics can make your site suspicious. Keep your reviews pleasant with a touch of clink on it for better results.

9: Content Audit

Remember, content is your weapon to fight the battle against competition. So, make it striking and powerful. If you do not evaluate your content regularly, you will not know how much it is effective.

Therefore, choose a specific point for analysis and updating your outdated content and revise your publications. This will help you achieve excellence in sales.

10: User Experience

A lot of popups ads and unsymmetrical fonts along with scattered buttons don’t work for eCommerce sites. Also, if your customer has to search the entire list of categories for a single product, then you will lose a great chance of purchase.

Thus, improve the usability of by making it user-friendly and find your weak points so that you can leverage a good checkout experience.

USer Experience in Seo

11: Navigation

It must be easy for your buyers to find products and information handy. Make your menu is intuitive and convenient by offering précised pathways to desired categories. The logic is simple when your website will be easy to use, your customers will stay for long, and their carts will fill more.

12: Internal Linking

Internal links are crucial to establishing your own anchor texts among search results. It is an excellent way to help your desired keyword occupy rank. It is recommended to add them appropriately.

Also, leverage your content team to understand the site’s multi-level hierarchy to prevent many links on the same anchor text. It helps in better navigation and keeps users on your site for long.

13: FAQ / About Us / Contact Us / Site Search

Despite descriptions on your product and service pages, there is always a need of FAQ section to answer all your user’s queries. Make sure to add all necessary information regarding payment, checkout and exchange-return to help your customers.

About us and contact us sections fill the gap of communication between your company and your client. Place your journey on your about us page and all links to your outsource forums, including social media on the contact us page to build trust and authenticity.

Lastly, a good site search bar helps your visitor to find the product they are looking for and optimize them in such a way that a single keyword can take them directly to the product category or page. All of the above pages will help to add in the ranking of your site in search engines as well.


Digital marketing agencies are spending more of their budget, efforts, and time on on-page SEO which will ultimately lead to heating the competition. Providing unique experience and value to your clients will bring the best approach to retain them.

Things are changing quite quickly. Thus, I recommend you to work smartly on your tactics, keep designing unmatched user experience on your eCommerce site, and update on high-quality content. All of the above practices will get you more than just money – trust and authenticity in the industry. Good luck!

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